Diamonds By Donna First To Offer Both White Cultured Diamonds And Colored Cultured Diamonds Grown From Diamond Seeds To Jewelry Consumers

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Eco-friendly & Conflict-free Diamond Company Offers Savings to Mother Earth and to Consumers

Eco-friendly Earth Day Ring by Diamonds by Donna

Diamonds by Donna offers beautiful, real diamonds grown from diamond seeds just as nature would grow them only faster and without mining there cost saving to the consumers and an environmental savings to all of us,” said Diamond Donna.

Diamond Donna Root and Diamonds by Donna partner Jon R. Moss, today announced they are the first to offer both white cultured diamonds and colored cultured diamonds grown from diamond seeds for sale to jewelry consumers. Diamonds by Donna features both natural diamonds and eco-friendly, conflict-free cultured diamonds in their custom jewelry designs direct to consumers. Diamonds by Donna’s goal is to educate the consumer in understanding the difference between cultured diamonds and natural diamonds during the world’s celebration of International Mother Earth Month.

According to Jon R. Moss, defining cultured and eco-friendly diamonds is important during International Mother Earth month because of the many misleading claims offering environmentally-friendly lab grown diamonds when in reality real cultured diamonds are rare.

“Many companies offer color-enhanced or clarity-enhanced diamonds which are actually brown diamonds that are traditionally mined and then colored and are absolutely not eco-friendly or conflict free,” said Jon R. Moss. “In reality there are only a couple of labs in the world that can grow a real diamond and none except ours can grow a white jewelry-grade diamond.”

Diamonds by Donna cultured Diamonds go through a process that is similar to nature. Their technology creates the same type of heat and extreme pressure that it once took nature millions of years to create. Diamonds by Donna cultured diamonds have the same exact physical, optical characteristics and qualities as natural diamonds; same hardness, same molecular properties, fire and brilliance as the highest quality white and colored diamonds. The only difference is where the diamonds are grown. Diamonds by Donna cultured diamonds have the same pure carbon crystal structure as a diamond grown by nature and are cut and polished in the same way as natural diamonds.

“Diamonds by Donna offers beautiful, real diamonds grown from diamond seeds just as nature would grow them only faster. There is no mining so this translates to a cost saving to the consumers and an environmental savings to all of us,” said Diamond Donna Root. “Our diamonds are gorgeous, and their values are readily verifiable. Diamonds by Donna only sells the highest quality and grade of diamonds grown from diamonds seeds or natural diamonds.”

According to Diamond Donna Root buying one of our cultured diamonds is like comparing apples to apples in the diamond world. We are growing real diamonds, not synthetic diamonds, they are not almost diamonds they are real, the only difference is they are grown in a lab.

“Environmentally aware people from all over the world are telling us that what they are doing for diamonds is similar to what Mikimoto did in the pearl industry with cultured pearls,” said Diamond Donna Root. “We are helping to preserve the Mother Earth while helping people feel great about wearing the real diamonds that are stunning timeless and beautiful.”

Diamonds by Donna is excited to share their cultured diamond technology with people across the globe who are discerning enough to understand that the history behind a diamond purchase is important to the environment.

“Diamonds by Donna technology has the ability to change the landscape of the natural diamond industry by producing authentic conflict-free and eco-friendly diamond jewelry,” said Jon R. Moss. “We are pleased to offer options to people who love wearing diamonds, and feel it is an honor to bring awareness to eco-friendly and conflict-free authentic cultured diamond jewelry options that help to preserve the environment.”

Diamonds by Donna offers the perfect marriage of science and nature by combining eco-friendly, conflict-free, cultured and natural diamonds in brilliant custom jewelry. For more details please visit or for more personalized service, please call 877-778-0646.

For media information, please contact: Kim Power Stilson at 801-358-3649 or kim(at)powerstrategies(dot)TV.


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