Oishi Dolls -- New Time Talking Clock, Alarm and Travel Companion, Released by OJ Concepts, LLC, Just In Time for Mother's Day

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Mom, Mama, Madre, Mum….Mother...Every mother deserves the best gift on mother’s day – the gift of time…or at least one of the new oishi doll personalities that speaks the time and improves sleep. Oishi dolls are petite sleeping companions, meant to be cleverly stuffed into a pillow case or kept close at hand beside the bed. To find out the time, simply give the oishi doll a little squeeze and he or she will softly speak the correct hour and minute – no opening your eyes or fumbling for a watch or clock ever again. Plus, the built-in programmable alarm is handy when it really is time to get out of bed.

Oishi Time Talking Dolls - Audible Clock Alarm & Travel Companion

oishi...that overwhelming sense of love for an animal, or a child, or a partner …

They are new, they are hot and they are ingenious...guaranteed to be the "All Time" greatest mother’s day gift. Recently introduced to the market, oishi time talking dolls are the new creative craze - and with 5 different characters - Bruce, Clark, Dolce, Gale and Thomas, each with a different personality, everyone is bound to find one that cries out “this is so my mom.”

Oishi dolls are the brainchild of South African duo Jayde and Oran Elmaleh. The inspiration for the product itself came to art designer, Oran one sleepy morning when he realized how convenient it would be to check the time without opening his eyes. Couldn’t he just squeeze the corner of the pillow and hear an announcement, avoiding the whole elaborate motion of rolling over, peeling back his lids and directing his eyeballs toward the clock display?

The oishi doll was born, each with a different personality and special qualities that make him or her uniquely lovable. The dolls announce the time when pinched, squeezed or “squoished.”

Why the name “oishi” …
Have you ever loved something so much that you just wanted to squeeze it with wild, uninhibited, intense adoration? This is the sensation, defined by the word “oishi.” Oran & Jayde invented this delectable descriptor to indicate “that overwhelming sense of love for an animal, or a child, or a partner …” Clearly, it is the perfect fit for such an adorable product.

Their web site http://www.oishidolls.com is a polished combination of Oran’s illustration, photography and Jayde’s poetry. Each of the dolls is handmade in the USA with all intention to keep the product green and earth-friendly by utilizing both new and recycled materials. The clock and alarm are easily programmable, so even if you find yourself on the other side of the International Date Line, oishi Gale (or whomever mom picks) can still speak the correct time.

“We want to share them universally,” says Oran. And why not spread the love (whoops – we mean spread the oishi) in a universally understood measurement - time.


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Gale: Eclectic artist...Gale: Eclectic artist...Like her name suggests, she’s always on the move. She'll be ready to go when you wake up, and want to do everything with you! An eclectic artist who will whip you into action. Enter her topsy-turvy lifestyle and let loose for once. And when you are ready to check back into reality, give her a squeeze and she'll tell you the time.Ideal For TravelIdeal For TravelGive up the bright clock for an audible time telling companion!Bruce: Friendly MonsterBruce: Friendly MonsterBruce may look intimidating but he wouldn't harm an ant - in fact, he may share his lunch with it. His softhearted personality and strong sense of loyalty will always make you feel protected. With one eye always wide open he's got your back - so you can sDolce: Stylish fashionista...Dolce: Stylish fashionista...You have found a best friend - and possibly even a stylist. She's a trendsetting fashionista and loves the double kiss on the cheek greeting. But style isn't all she's got - squeeze her tightly and she’ll tell you the time...and maybe even give you a makeover.Thomas: IrresistibleThomas: IrresistibleThomas wants to be your snuggle buddy. Irresistible and cute, he loves to cuddle and will beg you to take him everywhere. So don’t leave him when you go on vacation...show him the world. And when you need to know what time it is...just give him a squeeze!Clark: Punctual PerfectionistClark: Punctual PerfectionistBe thankful you've got Clark - what a brainiac! He is impeccably punctual and values his work. So iron your clothes, dot your i's and cross your t's...you're about to be transformed - for the better! A real great guy to have when you need a little structuBasic InstructionsBasic Instructions1. Set clock and alarm 2. Insert into pillow case corner 3. Squeeze to hear time 4. Wake up refreshed!www.oishidolls.comwww.oishidolls.comTime talking clock, alarm & travel companion.Squeeze Dolce - She'll tell you the time!Squeeze Dolce - She'll tell you the time!Progress South ParkProgress South ParkAll products are sold online with Free Shipping specials for Mother's Day.