Wisconsin Spine Expert Dr. Paul Kramer Helps Patients Avoid Surgery For Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica and Low Back Pain.

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A New Form Of Spinal Manipulation That Corrects Poor Posture, Can Help People Suffering From Low Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease, Sciatica And Spinal Stenosis. The Treatment Can Give Enough Relief That Patients Choose Not To Have Surgery.

"I have my life back again."

Spinal surgery is often recommended to patients who suffer from pain related to degenerative discs. An estimated 500,000 operations will be performed this year.

However, a study appearing in the Journal Spine, in April 2010, says serious complications can be expected in up to 19% of lumbar spinal surgeries. Previous articles in the same journal state, that the failure rate for lumbar surgery is 50%. In an article appearing in 2003, Spine warned that patients should not have surgery for degenerative disc disease, until a course of conservative therapy lasting at least six months is tried first. This was recommended due to the "unpredictable outcomes" of spinal surgery.

Dr. Paul Kramer offers a new type of spinal manipulation that helps people avoid surgery. The treatment corrects poor posture. Poor posture puts pressure on spinal discs in such a way that they swell, become painful and degenerate faster. By correcting the posture problem, the inflamed painful discs can heal on their own. Without having to undergo risky surgery.

"Before seeing Dr. Kramer I had exteme lower back pain with pains shooting down my leg. I couldn't stand up straight, and had difficulty walking." says a recent patient. "I couldn't work. I sought out many different treatments before chiropractic, including: family doctors, orthopedic surgeions, massage therapy, yoga, physical therapy, "Back School," sports doctors, and emergency room doctors. The best result i ever got was temporary relief. Back surgery helped for a few years, but this last episode of back pain was the absolute worst. Dr. K. gave me hope and told me to be patient. He took time to explain what was happening, and how to fix it; and, it made sense. Within a month I noticed the pain subsiding. I can now work. I can stand up straight. I sleep eight hours a night, on most nights. Today I am almost completely pain free. I have my life back again, with no real restrictions--just precautions."

"Reducing the inflammation is really the key. That is what gives the pain relief." says Dr. Kramer "With posture correction and good nutrition, degenerative disc disease can be managed to a point where the patient has very little pain or loss of function."

You can get more information about this type of treatment by logging on to: http://www.newbackpainreliefinfo.com or you can go to Dr. Kramer's web-site: http://www.painfree-greatposture.com

About Pain Free Great Posture and Dr. Paul Kramer:

Dr Paul Kramer is a chiropractor practicing in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin for over fifteen years. After looking for better methods of practicing chiropractic, he studied the techniques he uses today. The method was developed in a collaborative effort by chiropractors, neurosurgeons and engineers. He likes the consistent, lasting, pain relieving effects. His office is designed to be comfortable, fun and convenient because, he wants people to enjoy coming to see him. For more information log on to http://www.painfree-greatposture.com


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