Evident Dental Laboratory Management Software Releases Multiple Dental Lab Management Capability

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Evident dental lab management software released the new capability to invoice as seperate dental labs from the same lab and has improved the management capabilities of central dental labs with satellite labs as of May 1st. Off-site management is transparent, depends less on the bias of on-site staff with regard to offered information and reports. It provides a more complete snapshot which can be taken at the interval and discretion of the dental lab owner without impacting the local dental lab in any way. Cloud computing is the only way to go for multiple site dental lab owners.

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A dental lab with a preferred method of growth through acquisition needs the ability to monitor performance and generate reports from off-site. Evident dental lab software empowers dental labs with multiple labs.

In order to cost effectively nurture and protect the significant investment required to operate multiple production facilities, dental lab owners and managers must be able to keep an eye on production, customer relations, finances, and inventory. Calling lab managers and employees for reports and updates can become counter productive, and even a source of friction. Time spent gathering information and answering questions is time not spent doing the job at hand, and no matter how proud our employees are of their work, they can become defensive when managers “lean in” from afar. The solution is to be able to monitor remotely.

Production is the engine of the lab. Are cases progressing as they should? How do individual technicians perform? What are the cases currently in production worth? All of these questions are easy to answer with good dental lab management software. Exception reporting (reports that appear automatically to point out problems) generates lists of cases that should be in production but aren’t, cases that should be invoiced but are still in production, cases that should be shipped but haven’t yet been invoiced. During the course of the day anything can happen, but at the end of the day, the exceptions list should be empty and a quick glance at 4:55 pm can say a lot.

With regard to the performance of individual technicians, the dental lab wants to know; are they good employees? What are individual technicians grossing the lab? Review electronic employee records to see qualifications, education, and experience, as well as positive/negative records that outline accomplishments and problems. Get a picture of individual productivity with production reports that reveal what types of cases technicians work on, how much work they complete, and what they gross the lab. Although it’s true that nothing can replace face-to-face contact, good reports will reveal who that face-to-face contact should be with and whether it should be with congratulations or walking papers! All of this information should be available with a few clicks. An audit log is also an invaluable tool for remote management as a good audit log tracks every saved change answering every “whodunit” question before it has to be asked.

When it comes to customer relations, complying with DAMAS/ISO requirements to log all customer comments and complaints can help off-site owners to review the communications that are taking place and how and when they are resolved. Of course, reports of customer sales help to ensure that changes in buying patterns are detected and dealt with.

To continue growth eventually a dental lab takes on an additional production site for increased production and profit. Complete access to the financials is essential; to be able to generate financial reports from anywhere at any time is the icing on the cake. It should be easy to limit which employees can see financials both on-site and off-site. For example, which dental lab runs statements? Is it the local lab or the mother lab? It must be easy to control who can run statements and to print them from either the local lab or the mother lab at the discretion of the owner. Of course, sending statements electronically is the green way to go!

Communications are vital in every business. The ability to email, text, and fax from within the dental lab management system is wonderful, but an integrated messaging system is the ultimate way to ensure that everyone is reading from the same page. This messaging system must be easy to use and, of course, just as accessible by off-site as on-site staff.

The ultimate in remote management is automated reporting. If certain reports prove to be trend indicators of lab performance, scheduled reporting automatically emails, faxes, or texts those reports at a requested interval. Key reports simply appear when and where they are needed without the necessity of anyone having to remember to collect them. Lab management data must also be SQL to allow easy access by Crystal Reports and other reporting tools.

Evident dental laboratory management software addresses all these challenges for the lab already operating multiple sites and supports labs making the transition to do so. Evident is available in North America and Australia. For an obligation free demo over the phone, Evident staff can show you what web based software can do for your dental lab of any size.


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