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KD Conseil’s founder and president Kathleen Dameron to launch Self-Relations® Supervision workshops in France.

Increasing productivity from executive management teams at international corporations has long been the Holy Grail for Chief Executive Officers. Self-Relations® training has delivered dramatic increases in individual and executive team performance in the corporate suites of Europe and the Americas, and enabled corporate leaders to transfer that increase in productivity to the entire corporation.

The founder of Self-Relations® is Stephen G. Gilligan, Ph.D., an American author, registered psychologist and psychotherapist.

After receiving his doctorate in Psychology from Stanford University, Dr. Gilligan became a leading teacher and practitioner in the field of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Motivated by his experiences as a therapist, a teacher, and by his own quest, he developed a new practice of radical awakening, which incorporates Ericksonian psychotherapy, Akido, Buddhism, meditation and the performing arts.

“Where Erickson emphasized hypnosis as a form of communication, I took this as a starting point to pioneer a field I called Self-Relations®. This approach takes Erickson's viewpoint that all symptoms are communication, and considers the common "human condition" as attempting to awake, without skill or guidance,” said Dr. Gilligan.

Dr. Gilligan’s work focuses on the awakening of the soul, using the concept of 'sponsorship' (the supporting of change), drawing parallels from other traditions where this is seen as essential to the awakening of the human spirit.

His work reconnects mind-body processes and encourages and supports radical change. The cornerstone of Self-Relations® Psychotherapy is understanding the processes of sponsorship.

“In this context, sponsorship trains team leaders to support the internal change process of the team by allowing and encouraging team members to enter, explore, and test out their feelings, thoughts, and intentions, and feel trusted and safe to do so,” Dr. Gilligan said.

“Another way to put it is to give the team a safe place to innovate and to try new ways of doing things to increase productivity and profit,” said Kathleen Dameron, founder of KD Conseil, a training and coaching firm that specializes in assisting companies seeking to improve the skills & leadership of employees who work in an international environment.

Dr. Gilligan offers 12-day sessions that teach the Self-Relations® method. For more information or to learn more about Dr. Gilligan’s Self-Relations® workshops go to his website at

For those who have completed the Self-Relations® workshop with Dr. Gilligan and are focused on maintaining and deepening their training, to enrich the techniques to empower their organizations, KD Conseil now provides a supervision in Self-Relations® for professionals.

KD Conseil Self-Relations® Supervision workshop targets people who have completed a 12-day Self-Relations® hypnotherapy program and wish to continue to the practice and develop their skills.

Dr. Stephen Gilligan encouraged KD Conseil’s founder and president Kathleen Dameron to expand his training methodology by launching a supervision program in France to meet the demand for expanded supervised practice in Europe.

“I was honored when Dr. Gilligan asked that I facilitate supervisions as a follow-up to his program,” said Dameron. “I had been involved in his resource group on three separate occasions, and with over 20 years of experience of providing training top level executives, I understood the importance of Dr. Gilligan’s approach in developing a highly productive workforce. However, it wasn’t until Dr. Gilligan told me that he thought I should facilitate a supervision that I explored the possibilities.”

“One of the things I am most passionate about in my work is the bringing together of different cultures,” says Dameron. “So many times individuals feel that they have to choose between a culture that is seen as esoteric or developing and others that are more business oriented. It is really important to have an approach that brings the different perspectives together; one needs to be able to draw on the multiple perspectives that exist in the world to enhance potential and achieve both professional and personal objectives in an international business environment.”

Those interested in attending the Self-Relations® Supervision workshop should contact Kathleen Dameron at KD Conseil at or send an email to selfrelations(at)orange(dot)fr for more information.

About KD Conseil
Kathleen Dameron is certified as a coach by the International Coaching Federation, and she holds certificates in the Gattegno Approach: the subordination of teaching to learning, Team Management Systems©, Success Insights©, Situational Leadership II©, Coaching & Modeling, and Self-Relations®. In addition, Dameron has a Master level in Neurolinguistic Programming.

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