Sosbuzz Spawns the Evolution of PPC Advertising

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Sosbuzz spawns the evolution of PPC advertising, the pay per click search engine advertising method used by Google, Yahoo and others, by introducing the “Pay-After-Confirmed-sale” risk free advertising model, where businesses pay only after they confirm getting sales from Sosbuzz members. This patent pending model even works with off-line businesses, like contractors, CPAs, dentists and plastic surgeons, where online sales cannot be tracked.



Sosbuzz spawns the evolution of PPC advertising, the advertising method used by Google and others, by introducing the “Pay-After-Confirmed-sale” risk free advertising model, where businesses pay only after they confirm getting a sale.

There’s been no shortage of hubbub by those in the Internet marketing sphere about the potential demise of search engine optimization (SEO), yet pay-per-click (PPC) appears to be sharing that same fate.

The PPC model was initially introduced to the marketplace in 1997, when Bill Gross of Idea Labs, located in Pasadena, California, ushered in what at that time was considered a brilliant revolutionary method of online advertising where businesses would pay only when their search ads receives clicks. That was over 14 years ago! On a national level, to compete with other businesses by outbidding them in the outdated PPC model, requires having deep pockets and an insatiable appetite for daily risk.

The feeling one gets while administering a PPC campaign is akin to the feeling one experiences when gambling on a slot machine. Perhaps this keyword will work; add funds, press the spin button, and nothing! Fine, let’s try this other keyword; deposit money, press the spin button, still no cha-ching! It requires spending many laborious hours checking on keyword rankings, studying site stats, worrying about click fraud, and battling other businesses as you attempt to outbid them on the paid search results. Online marketing, in particular search engine advertising needs a new direction and fresh change. Everything must ultimately evolve, and so must PPC.

Enter Sosbuzz, the marketplace search engine that has filed patents on what it calls the “Pay-After-Confirmed-Sale” risk free advertising model, where Sosbuzz delivers sales to businesses, even off-line business like contractors, CPAs, dentists, and plastic surgeons, and asks businesses to confirm sales they’ve received from Sosbuzz members, who are made up of tens of thousands of conscientious shoppers that report purchases they make to Sosbuzz. When a business confirms landing a sale from a Sosbuzz member, they will be charged a small advertising fee based on their closing sale price. Upon charging the business a fee, which hovers around 5%, Sosbuzz will then donate 25% of its proceeds to the cause selected by the Sosbuzz member that reported the purchase.

“In the world of technology there is only one certainty, and that is change,” says Raffi Sosikian founder of Sosbuzz, who is a techie with an MBA. “In less than a decade, we’ve witnessed Myspace and Friendster be overtaken by Facebook. We’ve witnessed Yahoo, Lycos, and AltaVista be out-searched by Google. We’ve witnessed PPC snatch away market share from traditional phone book and banner ads. The time has come for yet another change; the PPC model itself, which has been the predominant method of search advertising on the Internet, needs to evolve into the Pay-After-Confirmed-Sale model that Sosbuzz introduced to the marketplace.”

Currently, search advertisers need to pay per click their ads receive. Clicks can go as high as $20 per click, which means for a highly-trafficked keyword, an advertiser can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

“I remember talking with the marketing manager of a publicly traded firm that was spending $1.2 million dollars a month on PPC ads with Google,” say Sosikian. “How can small or medium sized companies compete against a publicly traded company like that who’s vying for the same keywords? It’s virtually impossible. In that environment, deeper pockets will prevail. What’s worse than companies being priced out of PPC advertising, is that the consumer is left buying goods and services from whoever is left in the artificial marketplace manufactured by the PPC advertisers still standing. In an artificially manufactured environment where only those that spend an obscene amount of money get to bring their products and services to the marketplace, the consumer loses. In that environment, the consumer isn’t getting the best deal possible; they are getting the best deal they can find. The Sosbuzz Pay-After-Confirmed-Sale model is the great equalizer that changes all of that. There is now a better, and an entirely risk free way to advertise that benefits both businesses and consumers. The Sosbuzz member is a conscientious shopper. They are an exclusive group of people that truly care about their respective causes. When they find a deal they like and notify us of a purchase they’ve made, upon the advertiser’s confirmation, we’ll collect our fee from the advertiser, and we’ll donate 25% of our proceeds to that Sosbuzz member’s favorite cause. The Sosbuzz member saves money, and their cause gets a donation.”

Sosbuzz currently has over 950,000 causes listed in its database, yet Sosikian says there isn’t a week that goes by where a new Sosbuzz member doesn’t request their particular church, synagogue, school or charity to be added to its database of causes. “We gladly oblige any request to add a new cause to our database,” says Sosikian. “Bottom line, change is inevitable. Mark my words; the evolution of PPC is at hand."

In the Sosbuzz model, everyone wins. Consumers save time and get great deals on thousands of products and services. Businesses get to advertise risk free, and causes get donations. Sosbuzz also allows causes to post volunteering opportunities for free, and disseminates them to the interested Sosbuzz members.

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About Sosbuzz:

Sosbuzz is a patent pending marketplace search engine for conscientious shoppers who want to save time and money as they shop for products and services. Sosbuzz members can find thousands of deals offered by Sosbuzz advertisers either by searching for them or via opt in email notifications. Sosbuzz is the first and only search engine to provide sellers the opportunity to advertise their products and services for free, and pay only after they confirm receiving a sale. This pay-after-confirmed-sale model renders the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model used by search engines like Google, Yahoo and others obsolete, and allows Sosbuzz advertisers to charge less and offer better deals to Sosbuzz members. Sosbuzz donates 25% of the proceeds it collects from its advertisers to the causes designated by Sosbuzz members when they report their purchases. Sosbuzz currently has over 950,000 causes listed in its database.

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