Homeowners Consumer Center Urges All Gulf States & Atlantic Coast Homeowners To Update Their Insurance Coverage & Flood Insurance For 2011

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The Homeowners Consumer Center was created after Hurricane Katrina, as a way to help protect, and educate US homeowners. Given all of the bizarre US weather in 2011, the group is now urging all US homeowners to update their property casualty insurance policies, and if they are in an area that can flood-flood insurance as well. The group says, "We learned first hand during Hurricane Katrina how vital it is to have flood insurance. Many to most US homeowners think flood insurance is a luxury. If you live in the US Gulf Coast, or along the US Atlantic Coast, we are saying everyone should have flood insurance, if your home is in a low lying area." They say, "Our group is now gearing up to assist homeowners, or business owners in Alabama, and Mississippi with the intent of helping them deal with insurance issues. Having learned this first hand what its like dealing with a low end insurance company we are saying, if your property casualty insurance company is not a brand name insurance company, get rid of them now, and hire a company that is. If you are hiring a new insurance company-have the agent visit your home, and have he, or she carefully explain all of the coverage issues. Take our word for it-don't learn the hard way." http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

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So if a 2011 Hurricane is bearing down on Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Charleston, or even New York City, you can't say, honey-I think we should get flood insurance-like now

The Homeowners Consumer Center is urging all homeowners living in the coastal areas of all US Gulf States, and or the US Atlantic Coast to check their home's insurance coverage, in order to make certain it is up to date, and current. The group says, "Do you have replacement cost for wind, or rain damage to your home? Is the replacement cost adequate to rebuild your home, should the worst happen? If you live in a Gulf Coast, or Atlantic Coast coastal area, or flood zone, do you have flood insurance? Most US homeowners do not understand a flood policy does not take effect until 30 days after purchase. So if a 2011 Hurricane is bearing down on Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Charleston, or even New York City, you can't say, honey-I think we should get flood insurance-like now." The Homeowners Consumer Center says, "By the grace of God, we had flood insurance for Hurricane Katrina, but we did not know about supplemental flood coverage for personal contents. We say, as long as you are getting flood coverage for your home, make certain you also get supplemental flood coverage for personal contents." http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

The Homeowners Consumer Center says, "We are also encouraging all US homeowners, or business owners to see if their insurance policy contains a loss of use provision, and or business interruption coverage. If it does not-get it, and have the insurance agent carefully explain it to you." The group says, "don't think loss of use is a big deal; it is, if you are unable to live in your home for months, or over a year, and you are now having to pay rent, and a mortgage payment on two places. As far as business interruption, talk to your insurance agent if you own a business, and its located in an area where a storm, hurricane, earthquake could disrupt your business. We know most business owners in New Orleans never dreamed their city could be flooded for a week, or more, and their business could be down for six months, or more, but that's exactly what happened." http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

The Homeowners Consumer Center says, "We intend to build a very robust response capability for homeowners stuck with a mess, after a storm, or natural disaster, that includes helping homeowners with insurance bad faith issues. We are initially building this effort for homeowners, or business owners stuck in insurance coverage hell in Alabama, or Mississippi. By the end of May our capabilities should be substantial throughout the US Southeast. However, we are praying homeowners, or business owners never have to call us. We are hoping everyone gets proactive right now, they call their insurance agent, and they check to make certain their insurance coverage has worst case scenarios built in." http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com


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