Pardon Services Canada Accelerates Police File Record Purges With New Express Service

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Pardon Services Canada now offers an expedited police file record purge option for Canadians in need of deleting their police files.

Canadians who have been charged with a criminal offence have a police record that will always stay in the national police database regardless if the charge was dismissed, withdrawn, or stayed. Unless further action on the part of the accused person is taken, they will always have a police file. Understanding the need for better management of the police file deletion process, Pardon Service Canada ( has designed a program that addresses this situation. This new service option will expedite the removal or purge service as quickly as possible for those who wish to remove this information from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

The relief of being found not guilty of a criminal act is closure enough for many people, but the reality is that a record of that incident remains in official police databases and is accessible by police departments, border services, and volunteer organizations nationwide. “A police file or record is not a finding of guilt nor does it simply ever vanish or disappear – it’s there as long as you let it be.” says Michael Maenck, Marketing Director of Pardon Services Canada. “A police file without conviction should not be used for profiling nor exclude anyone from any opportunity - especially if a person is unaware that it even exists, or was led to believe that it simply disappeared after a matter of time”

Canadians who are interested in this important service can begin by obtaining a criminal record check in just 24 hours with Pardon Services Canada to initially determine if in fact there is anything recorded about their past. “Many times our clients only discover that there is a record from their past when performing a background check with Pardon Services Canada for an endeavor such as volunteering.” continues Maenck. “It comes as quite a surprise to these otherwise upstanding folks that they are not able to volunteer their services or time because they were implicated in some past transgression.”

Because a criminal record and subsequent subjective opinion is in fact a hurdle to new pursuits, Pardon Services Canada has two options for deleting or purging one’s police file. Clients may opt for the standard service – which by all accounts is extremely quick and takes just a few months. Alternatively clients who seek a faster route can now opt for the express service and bring closure to their past in a matter of weeks.

Added Value: In addition to the two service options, clients are kept up to date with respect to their case with Pardon Services Canada’s proprietary CRM system which guarantees tailored service and personalized attention throughout the process.

“Having a record of any kind in one’s official police file certainly opens the door for subjective analysis in a person’s future. A record in a national database does not tell the whole story and may lead its reader to form a biased opinion.” says Azmairnin Jadavji, President of Pardon Services Canada. “Canadians have a legal right to have this information purged, to not be subjected to possible profiling, and should strongly consider doing so as to not limit any of life’s opportunities.”

About Pardon Services Canada
Established in 1989, Pardon Services Canada was the first pardon company in Canada. For over 20 years Pardon Services Canada has helped over 100,000 Canadians obtain Pardons and U.S. Entry Waivers. As an RCMP accredited organization, Pardon Services Canada has long established working relationships with all police forces and courts in Canada as well as the Parole Board of Canada and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


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