Deals Search Engine Sosbuzz Offers Risk Free Advertising and 25% Donation of Proceeds

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Deals search engine Sosbuzz has introduced a new 100% risk free online advertising model that renders the pay-per-click (PPC) model used by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others obsolete. Additionally, Sosbuzz donates 25% of its proceeds to charitable causes selected by its members. Sosbuzz has over 950,000 charities, schools, and religious organizations listed in its database.



The feeling Sosbuzz members feel when they report a purchase and get their cause a donation from us, is priceless to them.

As the last three layers of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid theorized, human beings have a need to give and receive love, have a need for self-respect, and finally have a need to actualize what they desire to achieve. All of these elements define the essence of what it is to be an evolved and refined human being. People feel more at peace when they have acceptance from their peers. That acceptance builds our self-respect and our self-esteem. There is no better feeling to achieve everything one wanted to achieve while concurrently doing “good” for others. There is no monetary value we can place on the love and respect we get back from those we help.

Enter Sosbuzz, a cause-centered deals search engine comprised of conscientious shoppers and businesses, has introduced a socially conscious way of doing business on the Internet that allows people to find great deals on products and services, and for simply reporting to Sosbuzz any purchases they make, help their charity, school or religious organization.

Sosbuzz has filed patents on what it calls the “pay-after-confirmed-sale” 100% risk free advertising model, where Sosbuzz gets free traffic to businesses that offer deals to Sosbuzz members, and asks those businesses to confirm sales they’ve received from Sosbuzz members. When the business confirms, they will be charged a small fee based on the purchase price of the product or service reported by the Sosbuzz member who made the purchase. Upon charging the business a fee, which hovers around 5%, Sosbuzz will then donate 25% of its proceeds to the cause selected by the Sosbuzz member that reported the purchase. Sosbuzz has over 950,000 charities, schools and religious organizations listed in its databases of causes.

“People want to get good deals on everything from contractors to shoes, and we certainly give them that on Sosbuzz. However, people aren’t robots that operate strictly on logic and zero emotion,” says http: Sosikian founder of “People have an intrinsic need to give love and be loved. We need to be part of a group that we can identify with, form relationships, and earn the respect of others in that group. Sure we calculate the dollars and cents when it comes to making a purchasing decision, and businesses advertising on Sosbuzz understand that, and accordingly offer great deals to Sosbuzz members, but people have a much deeper reason for joining Sosbuzz. Sure people want to get good deals, but they also want give something back to their particular charity, school, or place of worship. The feeling Sosbuzz members feel when they report a purchase and get their cause a donation from us, is priceless to them. That is what we are offering people, the ability to get donations to their particular cause, without having to spend an extra penny. In fact, not only will they save money at Sosbuzz, but though Sosbuzz their cause will get a 25% donation of our proceeds. All Sosbuzz members need to do is tell us about the purchases they make from Sosbuzz vendors. It’s that simple. They report their purchase to us, we collect our fee from the Sosbuzz vendor that is advertising on Sosbuzz, and we donate 25% of our proceeds to the cause the Sosbuzz member had selected. Everyone wins.”

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others use the cost per click (CPC) or pay per click (PPC) method to generate revenues from advertisers. On Sosbuzz, advertisers get traffic and clicks for free. Sosbuzz advertisers only pay after they confirm landing a sale from a Sosbuzz member.

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About Sosbuzz:

Sosbuzz is a patent pending deals search engine for conscientious shoppers who want to save time and money as they shop for products and services. Sosbuzz members can find thousands of deals offered by Sosbuzz advertisers either by searching for them or via opt in email notifications. Sosbuzz is the first and only deals search engine to provide sellers the opportunity to advertise their products and services for free, and pay only after they confirm receiving a sale. This pay-after-confirmed-sale model renders the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model used by search engines like Google, Yahoo and others obsolete, and allows Sosbuzz advertisers to charge less and offer better deals to Sosbuzz members. Sosbuzz donates 25% of the proceeds it collects from its advertisers, to the causes designated by Sosbuzz members when they report their purchases. Sosbuzz currently has over 950,000 causes listed in its database.

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