Warcraft Conquest Guide - The Best WOW Guide Now Available with High-Quality Videos

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Warcraft Conquest is not just another World of Warcraft guide. This guide includes a huge collection of high quality videos to help players dominate WOW and the end-game.

There are currently a lot of WOW guides available online today. Some of these guides are good, but most of these guides are not worth it. A true mastery guide never existed. WOW gamers need something more. A World of Warcraft well-known expert, Max Lee, has released the most comprehensive World of Warcraft guide and is currently taking the WOW gaming community by storm. This is the Warcraft Conquest Guide, and more information and review available at http://warcraftconquestguide.com. There is also a $1 trial limited time offer.

Max Lee, who has the role of being the primary tank in his guild, is a passionate and avid World of Warcraft gamer for more than 5 years now. Max's guild is also recognized as one of the best US guilds around the world. Being a WOW expert, he has five legendaries with amazing ratings on arenas.

The best feature of Warcraft Conquest is that it contains comprehensive videos that illustrate the instructions clearly to help WOW players improve their gameplay. The member's section contains 70+ high quality videos with about 18 hours of data and complete with detailed tutorials to help each WOW player master every aspect of his character. The members of this new guide can ask questions and get advice from Max Lee personally. Also, Warcraft Conquest has lots of endgame contents, so players who are at level 85 can be the best in PVP, making gold, raiding, and much more.

Warcraft Conquest offers the features below:

  • High quality videos that can't be found in other guides
  • Get to know awesome raid setup along with composition
  • Setting up the raid boss along with complete tips
  • Learn the perfect and amazing talent specialization
  • Dominate and master WOW's end-game with secret strategies
  • Tweak and optimize specs for each role
  • Where to find mounts and elusive pets
  • Where to find rare items
  • Receive the most gold and reward from each dungeon
  • Legendary items secret strategies

Warcraft conquest guide still has much more inside its member's area. Players who are interested can also check if the $1 trial is still available.

More information and review about Warcraft Conquest can be found at http://warcraftconquestguide.com


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