Billy Baxter Presents Love Stalker at CANNES

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"Let people know Billy “Silver Dollar” Baxter is backing you and Love Stalker. Capice?”

Billy Baxter Presents LOVE STALKER

Love Stalker is like my movie Dawn of the Dead – only it’s alive

“Love Stalker is like my movie Dawn of the Dead – only it’s alive,” said Billy “Silver Dollar” Baxter to producer David Ohliger up at the Midtown Holiday Inn rooftop pool. “That’s the way you pitch Love Stalker in Cannes. Capice?”

“Gotcha,” said Ohliger.

“Dave, if I didn’t think Love Stalker was going to be a hit,” Baxter said, puffing on his cigar, “I wouldn’t be involved in the first place. Now give me a hand and get me up. Time for another dip in the pool.”

Billy Baxter is the executive producer of the American independent film “Love Stalker” which is screening at the Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film. Although it is thirty years since Baxter bought and sold films on the French Riviera, he still knows how to promote and publicize movies. That’s why he summoned Ohliger to a final sit-down before the young producer left for France.

“Be prepared in Cannes for anything,” Billy said, treading water. “That’s how me and my partner Herbert Steinmann got involved with Dawn of the Dead. True story. I met this young producer, Richard Rubenstein, playing Black Jack at the casino. Rubenstein had aces and wanted to double down but he didn’t have the cash. He showed me his cards and I lent him some dough and he beat the house. Long story short, Richard asked Herbert and me if we wanted to invest in his movie, and we did. Dawn of the Dead is one of the top grossing independent movies of all time. Be prepared to maneuver, Dave. Capice?”

“Billy, I really wish you were coming with us.”

“Forget about it, kid,” Baxter said. “This is my West Side Riviera. And these days, I don’t leave my zip code. You guys will figure it out over there. Now let's get out of here. I’m turning into a prune.”

Billy re-lit his cigar on the sun deck and reached into his bag and pulled out a jewelry pouch filled with American silver dollars and handed it to David. “These are your calling cards in Cannes. Let people know Billy “Silver Dollar” Baxter is backing you and Love Stalker. Capice?”


“Even though the world’s losing respect for the U.S. dollar, nobody but nobody over there will refuse a little precious metal. And that’s exactly what you got there, kid.”

Written by Jack Baxter

Billy Baxter Presents Love Stalker a Matt Glasson and B. Bowls MacLean film Produced by David P. Ohliger Starring Matt Glasson and Rachel Chapman

Love Stalker is the story of a 30-something bar hopping player named Pete (writer/director Glasson) who lives to "play the game" and bed as many women as possible to reach his "golden number." Things change for him once he meets Stephanie (Rachel Chapman), a web-savvy relationship blogger, and the two begin a romance. But when Stephanie discovers the extent of his player ways she ends their relationship, driving Pete to stalker-like lengths in his efforts to win her back.

Love Stalker was shot in St. Louis, Missouri and Alton, Illinois, U.S.A.

Exclusive screening during Le Marché Sunday, May 15, 15:30, Hotel Gray D’Albion, CANNES

Billy “Silver Dollar” Baxter


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