Dr. Joseph Pizzorno Launches Solutions Health Advisor to Help People Determine Which Supplements They Should Be Taking

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Solutions Health Advisor is an easy to use on-line tool that utilizes 50,000 thousand research studies as well as Dr. Pizzorno's extensive experience to determine which health supplements a person likely needs. Learn more at http://www.solutions-health-advisor.com.

The test results are based on more than 50,000 scientific studies. The system is constantly being updated with newly published research.

Health information publisher Smart Publications is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno to launch Solutions Health Advisor, a free online test to help users find out if they are taking the right dietary supplements for their particular health situation.

For example, a cigarette smoker, a person taking drugs prescribed by her physician, and a professional athlete are each likely to have nutritional deficiencies, but not always for the same nutrient, says Dr. Joe Pizzorno, one of the founders of Bastyr University.

"People do need multivitamins, but they should be relatively low dosages to provide a baseline support," he says.

Sher Lynesther, a health enthusiast, recently took the Solutions Health Advisor quiz designed by Dr. Pizzorno. She found the more information she supplied, the more accurate the results were.

Sher said, “Initially I answered all the questions the way I think an optimally healthy person would. When I started changing some of the answers to reflect my own health, I noticed the running feedback in the right column that started predicting the likelihood of my having certain conditions and the Advisor started asking me more targeted questions about them.”

“The final recommendation of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients reflected a mixture of what I already knew from my own experience (such as taking magnesium for the occasional but intensely painful foot and leg cramps I get) and some surprising new suggestions (such as Devil's Claw for the pain in my knees/joints).”

The Solutions Health Advisor test results are based on more than 50,000 scientific studies. Dr. Pizzorno and his team are constantly being updating the website with newly published research.

Dr. Pizzorno says his system is designed to change its recommendations based on changes in a person’s lifestyle. "We're hoping people will use the health-advisor on a regular basis because things change. Your stress levels may change, where you live may change, your diet may change and these things change your vitamin requirements."

Athletes may require more antioxidants than the sedentary, smokers, at least according to the research, need more selenium than everyone else, and for those on prescription medications, nutritional needs vary according to the drugs being used.

"This quiz is not just about preventing cardiovascular disease in 20 years or Alzheimer's disease in 30 years. It's about you feeling better today," said Dr. Pizzorno.

Once the health advisor system determines which vitamins and supplements you likely need, you can buy them on-line through the site or purchase them elsewhere. Dr. Pizzorno stresses, however, we all still need a good-quality diet to stay healthy.

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