Introducing The Salty Irrigation Water Solution

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The Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer has become the premier solution for salty irrigation water for farmers. This technology delivers a solid solution to a rapidly growing problem that effects farmers worldwide.

The Eco1st Irrigation Enhancer has become the premier solution for salty irrigation water. This technology delivers a solid solution to a rapidly growing problem that effects farmers worldwide.

By Ionizing irrigation water, the Irrigation Enhancer neutralizes the negative effects of salinity, chloride, boron, calcium, magnesium and other contaminates commonly known to reduce water uptake in plants. This unique technology is manufactured in California by Eco1st Technology Group - an emerging company that is helping farmers overcome water quality issues both in the U.S. and abroad.

Most farmers find that high salinity irrigation water causes a significant percentage of their crops to die off immediately after germination or transplant. The seed or seedling often droops, shrivels, and dies in a matter of days. Plants that survive being irrigated with salinity laden water are typically unhealthy and yield poor crops. With filtration and other methods of removing salt from the water being so expensive, it is hard for a farmer to justify the cost and re-occurring costs associated with these methods. Fortunately, the Irrigation Enhancer is a onetime purchase and requires no operator maintenance, no outside power source and has no consumable parts to replace. This technology is easily installed inline after the pump and prior to the irrigation delivery system.

Salts and other contaminates frequently become encapsulated within clusters of water bound by protons and electrons. This process causes a blockage in the plant which restricts water and micro-nutrients from flowing up into the plants cells. The result of these blockages is often leaf burn, yellow leaves, defoliation, a reduction in health, and ultimately a decrease in the plant’s ability to yield a strong crop. After years of irrigating with poor quality water the soil becomes saturated and can become dense and form hard crusty layers on the ground surface, making it difficult for water to penetrate the soil. The result of all these negative factors is that the farmer is left with a yield and quality of product that is less then desired.

The Irrigation Enhancer improves irrigation water by eliminating the water molecules ability to bond to one another and its ability to encapsulate the salt molecules. The Irrigation Enhancer achieves this by breaking dipole bonds and stripping valence electrons from the water and the foreign contaminates, thereby leaving the water in a positively ionized state. Once positively ionized, the molecules repel one another and do not bond together, leaving them as individual molecules. Although the Irrigation Enhancer does not remove the salt, it does mitigate the negative effects the salt, by eliminating blockages that would normally occur within the plant.

This technology works as an electron sync. By grounding the unit Eco1st has created a way to effectively strip electrons from the water as long as the water is in continuity with the system. The enhanced water generated by the system typically stays in its positively altered state for weeks. As a result, the enhanced water is highly impactful because the affected water has the time it needs to make it up into the plant while still in its enhanced state.

No other technology accomplishes this task and Eco1st can confidently say that their technology is the industry leader as the premier salinity solution.

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