Ever Wipe Off Your Soda Can Top? With Over 250 Billion Cans Consumed Per Year, Everyone Has!

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The multibillion-dollar Cola War could be won with Advercan. Middle School students choose whichever soda brand has a Clean-Cap Coupon attached to the can.

Advercan's Clean Cap for soda cans

McGruff chooses whichever soda brand is Clean Capped

During lectures and market tests in Texas middle schools, Team Advercan has proven the ultimate weapon to win the global Cola War. The weapon? A simple, biodegradable, no-cost sanitary can top cover that protects consumers from germs (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and acts as a coupon. Amy Cannon, Advercan’s in-school assistant, exclaims, “McGruff the Crime Dog picked Pepsi when given a choice, but as soon as we put Advercan’s Clean Cap on the Coke can, he wagged his tail and pawed for Coke!” Emily A., a 7th grader, says, “I’m glad someone cares enough about others’ health to make this happen. I would definitely drink whatever soda had a sanitary seal.” Carissa S. submits, “I would switch from Pepsi to Coke if there was a chance to win Justin Bieber tickets on the top.” One kiddo didn’t like Coke or Pepsi, but said she’d switch from Sprite to 7UP if it had an Advercan cover on it.

“Our student polls show over 99% brand switching! There is almost no brand loyalty when we put a sanitary seal with a coupon on top,” claims Advercan’s founder, Kenny Mac McClintock. “We polled a few middle-school classes, a city jazz fest, a film festival, and health/wellness fair attendees for brand loyalty. Only three soda fans were brand loyal out of a couple hundred polled! Even Dallas Film Festival patrons were 100% non loyal when presented with a sanitary can cover and movie coupon offer.”

Billions of dollars are spent on brand switcher business globally… all wasted. Not only is Advercan’s “AmeriCANtop” paid for by second-party advertisers and assures can-top hygiene, but it also assures brand dominance. What of the billions of dollars in CanAd revenues to be gained? $35 billion is being spent on unwanted Direct Mail annually, so why not net-net a few billion of this spending by selling can-top coupon space globally? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Peel-to-Reveal-the-Worlds-iw-3060085953.html?x=0

On the emotional and physical notes of can top hygiene, Team Advercan has been called “Philanthropists” by LabCorp and Dallas County Hospital health technicians. SMU College’s microbiology lab and Baylor Hospital have just positively tested cans for transfer of pathogens such as staphylococcus infection. Lara E., a microbiology major from UTA, says, “Any college laboratory can test can tops for harmful bacteria.” It’s simple: If a store clerk handles infected money all day while he handles your cans, it’s like putting loose change directly into your mouth. http://www.gppro.com/healthsmart/dirtymoney.asp

Nurse Jane DG., responsible for immunizations at the Lewiseville Independent School District , affirms, “The AmeriCANtop is a great product! This is an easy way to ensure you and your children drink from a clean container. Less flu, colds, and infections.” Frankie D., the attendance clerk, asserts, “Finally something new to help curtail absenteeism during flu season.” The first “Lab Testers” in Dallas – Nurses Lisa Cawthorn and Cynthia Tricket, concerned philanthropists at Baylor Medical Center – hold a lab test swab, saying, “Eww, not on my can!” (Pictured). Deborah C. of eHow explains that salmonella, hepatitis A, enterovirus, and shigellosis can be easily spread to beverages or directly to your mouth. Bevblog’s “Activgurl” shouts: “Always clean a can/bottle before you open it! If you can imagine the conditions of a filthy warehouse, dirty delivery trucks, and cruddy back rooms, then you have an idea of what might be on your can. Never mind the occasional pesticide application from folks spraying these storage areas.” Devin B. declares, “I am a Seabee in the United States Navy. While on liberty in Spain, I have noticed the filth and dirt that the store cashiers have under their fingernails. This is obviously a source of germs and disease that get transferred to the top of my soda can at purchase. I’m protecting and serving my country. Why doesn’t Coke protect and serve their consumers?”

The Beverage Companies should want to cover their cans because of market share increase, new branding space, POP snack ads, fast food pouring rights, safeguarding, theme park ads, prizing, scent, taste; anything to increase the profitability and allure of the soda/beer package. Oh, and of course massive new advertising revenue streams from can-top coupons and PPC. Jerry Clapp of Cott Bottling once said it best: “It’s all about the Doe Re Mi!” Ed N. of Coca-Cola Bottling Texas, plus many other KO/FEMSA parties, and Rose B. of PepsiCo endorsed Advercan’s model just recently, so maybe we’ll see some Clean Caps out soon.

The leading expert of our decade-long quest, Thomas Bachman of Beverage Industry Magazine, states, “The Advercan system is the right idea at the right time whose time has literally come. With today’s safety concerns about product contamination and the need for unique brand expansion opportunities, the Advercan can top cover looks to be the most consumer-friendly and efficient way to answer these concerns.” Advercan exec, Grady Embry remarks, “Advercan has proven a multibillion-dollar marketing revenue business plan along with sanitary safety for its consumers. Why not profit several billion off marketing and prevent the spread of pathogens?
“If the beverage companies say that there isn’t a yucky can top problem, let’s have their kids line up to buy cans from an H1N1-positive cashier before Christmas break,” sites Michelle A., Middle School Teacher, TX.

Since these findings affects almost every person on earth, Advercan’s effort is assured global successes in business and Philanthropy. Big bev thinkers or foundation leaders: Please contact us at team(at)bevcomedia(dot)com or 800-879-7050, or visit us at http://www.advercan.com.
Detailed story @ http://www.advercan.com/colawarwon


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