Sleep Apnea Patients Unable to Tolerate CPAP Or Any Device? - A New Conservative Hope Available Now

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Dr. Jin Zhou, DC, Accepts New Patients With Sleep Apnea Who Is Unable To Tolerate CPAP Or Any Device And/Or Failed To Benefit From Standard Surgeries, With A Possible Conservative Approach By ZHT (Zhou's Hypoxicology Therapy), A Natural Therapy With Seven-Year Clinical Observations.

Dr. Jin Zhou, DC, is now accepting new patients with sleep apnea who is unable to tolerate CPAP or any device and/or failed to benefit from standard surgeries, with a possible conservative approach by ZHT (Zhou's Hypoxicology Therapy), a natural therapy with seven year clinical observations. Sleep Apnea is a well-known deadly disease, if without proper clinical management, among increasing population. CPAP is the Gold Therapy for sleep apnea, in addition to standard surgeries, but a significant number of sleep apnea patients failed to tolerate or benefit from standard CPAP or any device, and/or standard surgeries. ZHT therapy may provide an alternative natural approach for those sleep apnea patients without any available choices or clinical results from standard medical treatment. As an alternative chiropractic care, ZHT is not covered by most health plans. ZHT therapy costs may range from about $200-$350 for the initial visit and $57 - $150 for the subsequent visits. ZHT Appointments are available to patients nationwide without any need for referral.

Only as an alternative to standard medical care from sleep specialists, ZHT therapy is expected to provide immediate relief on the first visit, and significant relief in three visits, for most cases, with increased uvulo-palato-pharyngeal space (opening of windpipe), better sleep and decreased snoring, or if not, the ZHT program is to be discontinued. ZHT includes supernatural breathing exercises and ZHT manual therapies. ZHT therapy is only initiated and continued with immediate noticeable clinical relief on the first visit and significant clinical relief in three visits. Depending upon the severity of sleep apnea and complicating medical conditions, ZHT therapy may be completed in one week to three months.

ZHT Therapy may benefit obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and central apnea (CA), as well as complex sleep apnea (OSA & CA).

ZHT was developed seven years ago and now available nationwide. Since sleep medicine industry Journal, Sleep Review, The Journal for Sleep Specialists, reported ZHT on August 10, 2006, Dr. Jin Zhou, DC, has significantly improved and refined ZHT therapy with intriguing anecdotal clinical observations. ZHT is neither a standard mainstream medical therapy nor a cure for sleep apnea.

“Never claim for cure for any modern medical diagnosis, a natural solution with mother nature human body functions will be the most powerful protections against sleep apnea,” Dr. Zhou, the Inventor of Zhou’s Hypoxicology Therapy (ZHT), who coined the word, “Hypoxicology”.

In developing the new ZHT (Zhou’s Hypoxicology Therapy) alternatives for sleep apnea, Dr. Zhou, observed clinically that trachea caudal displacement (TCD) (the windpipe moving downward), resulted from diaphragm malfunction and baroreflex dysfunction, instead of weakened soft appellate as claimed by the mainstream scientists, is the main anatomical pathology for snoring, collapse of the upper airway and frequent breathing stops during the night for people with obstructive sleep apnea. In addition, as Dr. Zhou hypothesized, the dysfunction of the baroreflex, chemoreflex, metabo-reflex, mechanoreflex, psychosomato-reflex and respiration pace-making malfunction, due to psychological, environmental and anatomical causations, are primarily and intricately responsible for the obstructive and central sleep apnea development. Dr. Zhou further hypothesized that all of these sleep apnea etiological components are primarily controlled or regulated internally by the human body but induced externally. Therefore, sleep apnea should be completely reversible primarily through volitional resuscitation, resetting of the baroreflex and revitalization of the upper airway defense reflex by working through patient’s body internally instead of externally through surgeries and devices.

ZHT breathing exercises and manual therapy are developed based on Eastern philosophy with acupuncture holistic health concept, and modern anatomy and physiology as well as latest worldwide scientific research on sleep apnea.

Clinically, most ZHT patients may have been usually treated with sleep specialists and may have failed to tolerate or benefit from standard CPAP device or UPPP surgery, or a patient with possible sleep apnea will be referred to a sleep specialist for sleep study, diagnosis and management. As an alternative to those without any conventional options, ZHT therapy employs unique breathing and reflex exercises in conjunction with chiropractic manual and therapeutic exercises to reset baroreflex and functional fitness of upper airway. ZHT is simple, natural and quick for clinical results. The patient is the only judge for the clinical merits, based on the clinical outcome with better breathing, sleep and less snoring as well as relief for sleep apnea related symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, arthritis, low back pain, sciatica, fatigue, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis and countless sleep apnea related medical conditions.

A Google Web search with words "apnea" + "your symptoms or diagnosis" will show the connection between sleep apnea and your medical condition, according to Dr. Zhou.

Dr. Jin Zhou, D.C. has been a licensed chiropractic physician in Hanover Park, IL since 1991. He was a former orthopedic surgeon at China Air Force General Hospital in Beijing, China 23 years ago. Dr. Zhou is dedicated to developing a revolutionary breakthrough, an extremely simple and super natural therapy that could potentially save millions of lives and trillions of dollars without having to rely upon only medication, surgery and device. He coined the new word, “Hypoxicology”.

For more scientific information on ZHT, please visit, or contact Dr. Jin Zhou at 630-808-7237.

For more clinical information and an appointment, please visit, or contact Dr. Jin Zhou at 630-736-1646.


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