Hot Rod Restoration Experts at Gearhead Garage Announce Plans for Summer Driving Season; Special Emphasis Put on Fuel Efficiency.

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With Summer driving season on the near horizon gas prices are prompting drivers across the US to reassess their driving plans. Gearhead Garage, a Sacramento-based custom car shop, announces a revamp in their efforts to produce fuel efficient cars.

With Summer driving season on the near horizon gas prices are prompting drivers across the US to reassess their driving plans. Gearhead Garage, a Sacramento-based custom car shop, announces a revamp in their efforts to produce fuel efficient cars

The assignment was ambitious in itself: design and build a high performance classic hot rod that not only is safe on the road but also flexes the creative brawn of a team of expert custom car builders.

Add a 72-hour crunch time to a project that would ordinarily take about a month and you have the premise of “Car Warriors” on the Speed Network.

In a grueling three day frenzy, two opposing teams faced off in a custom Corvette challenge that tested the skill and patience of the reigning champs, the All Star Team, as well as the challengers, the Sacramento crew representing Gearhead Garage.

In the end, the hot rod gurus from Sacramento catapulted Gearhead Garage into first place, dethroning the long-time champs.

Such are the creative chops of the Gearhead Garage Team, who recently issued a public statement announcing that their abilities don’t end there.

As the summer driving season approaches, Gearhead Garage has issued a nationwide call for projects with a special emphasis on fuel economy. The shop is accepting assignments to engineer and build classic autos that don't kill you at the gas pump.

Co-owners Jason and Robyn Walroth have turned classic car repair and restoration into a booming business in Sacramento, where the crew currently works on several projects for clients from all across the US.

But To J. Walroth the success of Gearhead Garage comes as no surprise: “The high demand we’re seeing at the shop for both traditional and fuel efficient classics is a reflection of the affection that many Americans still have for muscle cars. The love is still there.”

Walroth continues, “But the twist is that many hot rod enthusiasts are beginning to approach us in larger numbers about constructing fuel efficient cars, which is why we’re gearing up to receive a lot more of these jobs come summer time.”

As a start up in 2003 in Sacramento, CA Gearhead Garage quickly grew too big for its nest, so the team packed up and relocated to much bigger quarters on Roseville Road. At 10,000 square feet, the new pad offers plenty of elbow room. And the Walroths report that business continues to grow, even amid a national recession.

“One of the reasons our services at Gearhead Garage are in high demand is that our guys really pour their hearts into every project, big or small, traditional or more fuel-conscious. Clients know they can expect world-class work from us. Plus, we are one of only a few shops at this caliber with the resources and ability to build high-power fuel efficient cars that don’t sacrifice style or grace,” says R. Walroth.

For many prospective clients, Gearhead’s commitment to providing high quality fuel efficient cars comes at just the right time considering gas prices continue to escalate nationwide.

Turmoil overseas has disrupted the oil markets in the US, leaving many drivers exasperated at the gas pump.

And while President Obama has expressed his sympathies for Americans hurting due to rising fuel costs, the numbers at the gas pump nevertheless continue to etch higher and higher, indicated that this upward trend is beyond the power of even high level policy makers.

This is part of the reason Gearhead Garage is highlighting the full range of their products (among them traditional hot rods), which includes custom cars that don’t guzzle as much gas but stay true to classic form. “We’re not in the business of building machines that adhere to the typical look of fuel efficient autos—and let’s face it they usually don’t paint a pretty picture,” adds Jason.

The emerging fleet of fuel efficient hot rods coming out of Gearhead Garage combines traditional features of what you’d expect from a hot rod, the look and power, with improved fuel efficiency.

Jason mentions, “Sacramento is the custom capital of the world. So at Gearhead we have a team that has the ingenuity and skill to push the boundaries of hot rod restoration when it comes to traditional jobs as well as projects that emphasize high fuel economy. It’s a sign of the times, I guess."

Gearhead Garage
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Gearhead Garage is a Sacramento based company specializing in performance, restoration, and repair of custom autos. The shop has been in operation since 2003 and continues to grow, with projects coming in on an ongoing basis from clients from across the US.

Co-owners Jason and Robyn Warloth believe that Gearhead Garage follows the tradition of a long-standing classic car culture in Sacramento. Since the organization moved to a bigger garage on Roseville Road in 2003, business has increased as Gearhead continues to expand its range of projects.

As a hotbed for the restoration and repair of high-performance autos, Gearhead Garage designs and builds both traditional classic cars as well as fuel efficient custom autos.


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