An Authentic Look at Teen Pregnancy

Mother shares story of teenage pregnancy and how redemption and salvation changed her life

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Becoming a parent brings irrevocable change and a loss of freedom at any age, and Colla-Niswanger is hopeful that her story will help women from all walks of life who may be struggling with the shock of an unplanned pregnancy.

Great Falls, MT (PRWEB) May 16, 2011

After years of decline, recent statistics show an alarming rise in teen pregnancy rates, and according to the Guttmacher Institute an estimated 82 percent of them are unplanned. Even as adults, most women will face pregnancy and the choice that comes with it at some point in their lives, and studies show that as many as one-third of all U.S. births are the result of unplanned pregnancy as told in a study by the University of Michigan. Here to share her personal story in a loving tribute to God’s redemption and how it changed her life as a pregnant college freshman is Candra Colla-Niswanger in her touching new memoir, His Promise…20 Years Later (published by WestBow Press).

Whether a woman is 16 or 36, pregnancy comes with a host of emotions that often include fear, confusion and doubt, no matter what the circumstance. Becoming a parent brings irrevocable change and a loss of freedom at any age. Colla-Niswanger is hopeful that her story will help women from all walks of life who may be struggling with the shock of an unplanned pregnancy.

Raised Catholic, Colla-Niswanger was becoming disillusioned with her faith and the dogma and doctrine of the church as she matured into a teenager. In the eighth grade, she began attending a Christian church and found herself enjoying a whole new relationship with Jesus Christ. The usual temptations of high school confronted her for the next four years, but she was determined to stay true to her Christian values. That resolve would be tested when she left for college, and her story echoes that of many other girls.

As a freshman at Montana State University, Colla-Niswanger ran with the new found freedom that came with living on her own. She joined a sorority, drank and partied, all of which she came to view as normal college activities, finding herself making what she calls a “slow fade” away from God.

In the spring of 1989, right after making the cheerleading squad, a goal she’d hoped for since her childhood years, Colla-Niswanger was dismayed to discover that she was pregnant. Her boyfriend and now father of her children and herself gave way to lustful temptations, and because of their actions, the would-be cheerleader suddenly found herself facing life-changing decisions that had nothing to do with dance routines.

“The words whore, slut and sleaze began running through my head,” she writes. “How would I be described or talked about? How could I have let this happen to me? The shame and embarrassment took over. People would know that I had sex. How disgraceful!”

Rather than promoting a strict pro-life agenda, Colla-Niswanger simply shares her story – her decision to keep the baby, the Crisis Pregnancy Center that helped her through it all and the joys that her son, Payton, and her daughter Madyson has brought to her life. Written with honesty and candor, His Promise…20 Years Later will appeal to secular and Christian audiences alike.

About the Author
Candra is a Christian Singer, Songwriter, Worship Leader/Pastor and Published Author. Her recent CD release of Candra All4Him features the song “Trust In Me” which is a song written from this written testimony. As a native from Montana, Candra is an expertise in multi-tasking and mentors various worship teams and individuals. She owns and manages multiple companies with her husband Trevor; she has three children and is married. For more information, visit

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