Amendment II Announces the Availability of World’s First Bulletproof Combat Ready Uniform (CRU)

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The CRU Will Drastically Reduce Battlefield Casualties

Amendment II, creator of the world's first bulletproof combat uniform
“We wear a lot of body armor over there. This is just something that would improve our chances of coming home alive.”

Today Amendment II ( announced the immediate availability of the world’s first ballistic and shrapnel resistant Combat Ready Uniform™ (CRU). Designed by a U.S. military veteran and furthered by a team of industry professionals, the new ballistic-resistant battle dress uniform will provide U.S. and allied soldiers a level of personal protection never seen before. Although the uniform consists of an upper and lower garment, the cornerstone of the uniform is the lower body armor, which helps safeguard the large femoral arteries in the soldiers’ legs from being severed or pierced. The femoral arteries are critical to blood supply and if severed, death can occur in just moments. Beyond the ballistic-resistant properties of the CRU, several built-in tourniquets are strategically located throughout the uniform as a backup measure if needed. The company says there is no other uniform in existence that has this level of protection for the day-to-day warfighter.

“The release of Amendment II’s CRU Guardian™ marks nearly ten years of exhaustive research, development, technological advancements, and thorough patent development,” said Richard G. Craig, the Founder and CEO of Amendment II.    

Constructed from a proprietary process and a blend of the best ballistic-resistant fibers available, the CRU Guardian™ series uniforms surpass the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) Level II Body Armor Classification. In a recent demonstration in front of news cameras, the newly-developed uniform easily stopped a 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 S&W bullet impact from 15 feet.

“We were very pleased to see that none of the several rounds fired at the uniform penetrated even a single layer of the multiple protective zones of the uniform,” said John Fierro, the company’s vice president. “Now it’s time to get these on our soldiers.”

To ensure fairness and transparency, John Wester, the Command Chief Warrant Officer of the 19th Special Forces of the Utah National Guard, provided the ammunition and weapons used for the test. Soon to be deployed to Iraq, Wester and his unit will take a number of the bullet-resistant uniforms with them.

“We wear a lot of body armor over there,” Wester said. “This is just something that would improve our chances of coming home alive.”

“These CRUs are experiencing unprecedented interest,” Fierro explained. “We are already in contact with more units of the U.S. military, the U.S. State Department and many other law enforcement organizations.”

Many professionals have already noted the value of utilizing this new line of body armor. A commander from an elite military group believes Amendment II’s CRU will enable soldiers to have more protection against shrapnel from IEDs that are injuring and killing them. A significant number of battlefield casualties in recent years have resulted from a femoral artery wound from small arms fire or shrapnel. These bullet-resistant pants provide ballistic protection to the groin and the vital femoral artery, which would help prevent such deaths. In case there is penetration of some sort that results in profuse bleeding, the CRU body armor’s built-in, rapid-deploying tourniquet system will stop it.

The Combat Ready Uniform employs numerous patent pending features driven by professional feedback, and is part of Amendment II’s commitment to deliver a series of weapon utility and lifesaving features all in one unit. Amendment II offers quality American-made combat and concealed weapon apparel and hopes to become an important figure in the Defense and Personal Protection Equipment markets.

CRU, and CRU Guardian are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Amendment II LLC. in the United States and/or other countries.

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