International Long Distance Company Announces New and Improved Stardial Service for One Touch International Calling

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Long distance and mobile international calling company has announced its new and improved Stardial service for one-touch international calling. Stardial is an international speed dialing service that allows Starfone customers to enjoy instant stress-free connections to friends, family and associates abroad by simply dialing a local number with a 2-digit speed dial code (NO PIN required). With the new and improved Stardial, callers can create speed dial options online for free, and access the service from any US or Canadian-registered number. also provides callers with up to 100 free stardials they can use to conveniently make cheap international mobile calls to favorites in more than 300 countries, and there are no surcharges, delays or monthly access fees.

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The Starfone online pinless long distance system has been very successful, in part because of the low international calling rates, zero hidden charges and the convenience and overall cost-effectiveness of the system

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RSS, a long distance company that provides international rates for some of the cheapest international calls from the U.S., has announced its new and improved Stardial international speed-dialing service. The new service will make it possible for Starfone customers to call their international contacts by simply dialing a local number with a 2-digit speed dial code (NO PIN required). The new system is intended to make the international dialing process more convenient for callers. The service can be accessed through any US or Canadian-registered number, and is free. Users also get 100 free Stardials and can manage their speed-dial options online at any time from their accounts.

The Starfone online pinless long distance system has been very successful, in part because of the low international calling rates, zero hidden charges and the convenience and overall cost-effectiveness of the system. With the new and improved Stardial speed-dialing service from, Starfone customers stand to enjoy a new stress-free way of dialing international contacts.

How does Stardial work? With Stardial, callers simply go online to their Starfone accounts where they can configure and manage speed dial codes for their favorite international phone numbers. Callers can assign up to 100 free Stardials and they can call these numbers from any registered phone number in the US or Canada.

Configuring a Stardial is as easy as assigning a 2-digit code e.g. 04 to an international number. This is done online within a user’s account. Once assigned, a user can call that international number by simply dialing a local number (1-234-567-89) and suffixing the 2-digit code. For example the user can dial 1-234-567-8904 (last 2 digits being the speed dial code) directly without a PIN to call that international number.

Users can also save their Stardials to their home or mobile phones for one-touch dialing. For example, a user could save 1-234-567-8904 to their regular home, office or mobile phone as a speed-dial, and simply press the required key whenever they wish to make a call.

Using the Stardial service, users can dial a local number in order to call an international number. They can then call international cheap with low Starfone international calling rates instead of the heavy international call charges experienced when calling an international number directly from their regular phone.

In addition to being significantly cheaper, the system is also hassle-free. There is no PIN to dial, and no long international number to remember - simply dial a preconfigured number (which you can save on your phone as a speed dial) from your regular phone for one-touch access to your friends, family and associates abroad.

One of the key benefits of using a speed-dialing system is that it saves time; take a call center business that has to reach a specified number of international customers in different countries a certain number of times each day to market a product or service, for example.

If the callers had to manually dial each international number and then dial a PIN to connect the call, just imagine how slow and inefficient the business will be, and workers would end up tired and frustrated after short periods of time.

But with a speed-dialing service, they could easily assign a short code to each of these high priority numbers and simply dial the code as many times as necessary to make the required number of calls - everything would be stress-free for the workers and more productive for the business.

Another key benefit of a speed-dialing service is increased productivity, since more work can be completed in less time, and with fewer resources. Businesses possibly stand to profit the most from this truly effective service offering from

For the ordinary caller, the chief benefit is the convenience of the system. A frequent international caller who has to dial a long international number and a PIN with every call will easily end up frustrated with the service in the long run, but a speed-dialing solution eliminates the hassle and introduces convenience and a higher degree of flexibility to the process.

It is clear that the new and improved Stardial service from Starfone presents a simplified calling solution that takes away the stress from frequent international dialing and introduces comfort and flexibility, while making the international calling process more suitable for business operations. The new Stardial one-touch international speed-dialing service promises to be a big success with Starfone customers worldwide, who will no doubt enjoy the convenient and time-saving features of the system.

Call your international favorites in over 300 countries worldwide with a one-touch Stardial, and experience the convenience and flexibility of this innovative long distance calling solution from Also get the best international phone rates when you call Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Morrocco, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Iraq with

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Starfone is a value-added provider of long distance international prepaid and postpaid calling services based on an online pinless calling card system. Our phone card online system allows you to use our service as an online calling card, wherein you simply dial our toll-free number using any of your pre-registered numbers on your regular phone, provide a destination number to anywhere in the world, connect and start talking! No PIN, No extra fees or charges, No Hassle – Simply talk and enjoy crystal clear call quality anywhere and anytime.

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