Focus28 Introduces the Iso-Towel Workout and Teams Up With the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to Help People Get Active and Fit in May.

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Shaping up, slimming down, and getting fit just got easier with the release of the new Iso-Towel Workout Kit, just in time for May, National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. Developed by fitness expert Lisa Avellino to be easy, convenient, and effective, the Iso-Towel Workout Kit is perfect for exercise beginners, intermediates, or experts.

Iso-Towel Workout Kit

Iso-Towel and Workout DVD

People lead busy lives today, and I wanted to create a workout that they could do any where or any time. You can do it at the office, on the train, when you wake up or before bed. All you need is a towel.

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. This year, Focus28 Diet joins the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to challenge Americans to get moving for health and to get active and fit during May with the Iso-Towel Workout.

The Iso-Towel Workout is a quick exercise routine optimized for today's on-the-go lifestyles. This simple isometric-based workout consists of seven 10-minute, muscle building, fat-burning exercise routines that utilize the Iso-Towel and your own body weight and resistance to provide a complete workout. Developed by renowned fitness trainer Lisa Avellino – a fitness expert who has been featured on ABC, Fox, NBC, News 12, and in The New York Times and various fitness magazines – the Iso-Towel Workout Kit includes the Iso-Towel and a DVD workout tutorial.

“The workout is designed to be simple to do, easy to stick with, and to be quick and effective. It’s the perfect workout for fitness month,” says Lisa Avellino. At the start, the Iso-Towel Workout is low-impact and well suited for those new to exercise. As fitness levels increase participants can introduce more energetic movements, walking or jogging in place, and incorporate more advanced Iso-Towel exercises.

According to Melissa Johnson, executive director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, which started National Physical Activity and Sports Month in 1983, “Americans of all ages need to incorporate more movement into their daily lives. Adults need at least 30 minutes of activity 5 days each week. This can be done by choosing to bike or walk instead of driving, taking stairs instead of elevators, or pushing a lawnmower instead of riding one.”

Twenty minutes of vigorous physical activity three times a week, such as sports, aerobics, working out in the gym, and running, have added health benefits. Johnson says, “But it’s important to understand that you don’t need to sweat in a gym or run a marathon to reap the health benefits of daily physical activity. Even 30 minutes a day, broken up into shorter increments of ten or fifteen minutes, can greatly improve your health.”

From its conception, the Iso-Towel Workout has focused on encouraging consistency. “People lead busy lives today, and I wanted to create a workout that they could do any where or any time. You can do it at the office, on the train, when you wake up or before bed. All you need is a towel,” states Lisa. “People skip the gym because they’re busy, they can’t take a walk because of the kids or the weather, but with the 10-Minute Iso-Towel Workout, there’s no excuses. And that’s key to long-term success!”

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and Michelle Obama, are committed to confronting America’s obesity crisis and Focus28 supports their efforts. The Iso-Towel Workout is a perfect solution for today’s busy or sedentary lifestyles. Research has shown that a 10-Minute workout, such as the Iso-Towel Workout, can boost your metabolism for the entire day. So whether you’re young or old, slender or obese, as long as you have a towel, you can take part in fitness month this May. Perhaps the answer to America's obesity crisis may just be a towel!

Optimum results are achieved when exercise is combined with a proper diet

Exercise is only half the equation. The other half is eating smart and maintaining a diet that helps you achieve your goal. It’s why the Iso-Towel Workout has been an integral part of Focus28’s Weight Loss Programs for a long while. But the Iso-Towel workout will work wonderfully with any balanced, healthy diet. “The important concept is that people eat right and move more,” said Lisa. “Of course, I think they’ll do it best with the Iso-Towel and I think everyone should try it today; especially during fitness month this May.”

About Focus28 Diet, Inc.
Focus28 started out treating post-op bariatric surgery patients. Their success in developing programs specific to the needs of bariatric patients and their long-term maintenance led directly to the development of the Focus28 Weight Loss solution. The Focus28 weight loss approach promotes protein enhanced diet foods that safely and effectively impact weight loss through calorie reduction, exercise, and continual support. Focus28's programs include meal replacements, supplements, and snacks that keep you eating every 2-3 hours so you're never hungry. The higher protein amount keeps energy levels up, increases metabolism, and maintains and promotes lean muscle. The combination of delicious diet foods, the proprietary Iso-Towel Workout, and patient support has proven a successful formula for weight loss.


About Lisa Avellino
Lisa Avellino is one of America's top fitness experts, a celebrity trainer and the creator of the ISO-Towel Weight Loss Workout DVD series. She is also an examiner & presenter for AFAA (Aerobic Fitness Association of America), is a master certified instructor, personal trainer & health club owner for more than 15 years. She is a published author & has been featured in The New York Times, Shape, Fitness, Prevention, The Journal, First for Women as well as Fox, NBC, ABC, NEWS 12 and others. She has hosted several TV & radio shows that focus on wellness, fitness and nutrition. Her health club, Susan Marlowe Fitness for Women, is located in Scarsdale, NY. Lisa is also the fitness director for Focus28.

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