Energy Analysts Project Upward Trend for Gas Prices Despite Sudden Dip Last Week; Non-Profit Organization Provides Grass Roots Assistance to Those Negatively Affected

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Last week the national average for gas prices dipped to $3.96 dollars per gallon, temporarily increasing demand for oil, according to Associated Press. Many energy analysts have recently published reports saying that despite the 10 percent drop in oil in trading last week, the general trend for gas prices is upward. Non-Profit organization With Causes announces commitment to providing assistance to people being affected by soaring fuel costs.

On Monday the Associated Press released an article projecting higher oil prices despite a sudden 10% dip in trading a few days earlier.

Although last week's falling oil prices lead to an overnight dip in gas prices, dropping the national average down to $3.96 per gallon, energy analysts say that in the long term oil and other commodities will become more expensive. Many leaders in the non-profit world are beginning to voice their worries about how rising gas prices are negatively affecting people across the US. Among them is Vincent Everett, CEO Works of Life International Ministries), who is announcing a revamp in the organization's charitable donation programs, which aim at easing the burden caused by high fuel costs.

If the general trend of fuel costs is upwards rather than downward, as many analysts maintain, consumer spending most likely will decline as a result, according to a CNN Money report.

When fuel costs rise, consumers are less likely to spend on other commodities, dragging down spending by billions. The same CNN article states that for every dollar increase per gallon of gas, consumer spending lowers by $100 billion nationally.

People who are less well off are hit hard by rising oil prices because gas cuts into a higher percentage of their earnings, forcing many to cut back on driving or to go without other goods and services. As prices at the gas pump escalate, the purchasing power of residents across the US goes down.

For many leaders in the non-profit sector, one of the most important things to remember about high gas prices is that the people who are negatively affected by them have real lives and deserve to be heard.

Vincent Everett (CEO Works of Life International Ministries) is one member in the non-profit community dedicated to publicizing the full range of issues that arise for many American residents when gas prices roar to alarming heights.

One California resident, Sarah, explains her worries about the possibility of gas prices reaching the 4 dollar national average:

"Our family has a few cars but it's getting to the point where it doesn't make sense financially to hang on to more than what we need, otherwise it's just too much of a strain on our budget. We're already changing our plans to cancel summer trips, driving less miles, so the last thing we need right now is more gas tanks to fill up than are absolutely necessary."

Organizations like With Causes, a charitable affiliate of Works of Life, who have both been in operation since 1999, are announcing that American tax payers can donate non-producing assets to charity to improve their financial portfolios while providing assistance to a wide range of worthy charitable causes.

"Folks from all around the country have made significant donations to the With Causes program as a way to give back to their community while reversing negative cash flow due to escalating fuel costs," says the Works of Life Chief Executive.

With Causes accepts a variety of charitable donations to provide charitable assistance to educators in low-income communities, victims of natural disaster, victims of abuse, and the elderly.

Everett continues, "If you have property that you'd rather liquidate, you can donate a car, donate real estate, donate a boat or yacht, or even donate aircraft to ease the burden caused by soaring gas prices while at the same time providing charitable income that directly benefits worthy charitable causes."

If the projections saying that gas prices will rise to a 4 dollar-per-gallon average hold true, organizations like With Causes offer a way to liquidate non-producing tax deductible property.

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