Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones Responds to Parent's Need for Information with Microtia Guide

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones announces a new 10-page Microtia Guide on his Atlanta Ear website. This guide answers many of the questions parents have regarding microtia, ear reconstruction methods and surgery.

Microtia Guide

Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones is an Atlanta based plastic surgeon that devotes a large portion of his practice to correcting congenital deformities like prominent ears and microtia. He is a nationally recognized speaker, and has also developed several surgical enhancements to ear reconstruction surgery.

"Everyday I speak with parents of children born with these congenital defects and I've found that there isn't a lot of clear, concise information available all in one place. Parents struggle to understand what the options are for their children. I wanted to provide a guide that gives straightforward information about all the alternatives in ear reconstruction available today," said Dr. Jones.

Microtia is a common birth defect where the outer and middle ear does not develop fully. The literal meaning of Microtia comes from the Latin words micro and otia, or “little ear”. Microtia patients do not have a normal external ear, but have a small protrusion or nub where the ear should be.

Parents of child born with this deformity are anxious for as much information as possible on the subject. The "Microtia Guide" created by Dr. Jones gives parents information ranging from the "Causes of Microtia" to ”What to Expect during a Consultation" to explaining "How is Reconstruction Performed?"

Dr. Jones unique combination of training and expertise make him a nationally recognized authority on Microtia and ear reconstruction. Dr. Jones is dual certified in plastic surgery and otolaryngology (ENT or ear, nose & throat). This specialized training gives him the ability to perform delicate ear reconstruction while not compromising the workings of the middle ear.

Other areas that Dr. Jones has included in the guide are "Microtia & Hearing", "Microtia-Atresia" as well as "Surgery Costs", "Preparing for Surgery", "Recovery Information" and "Treatment Options". By detailing information on each of these subjects Dr. Jones hopes to give parents critical information when they are an early stage of the process.

"I believe that by educating my patients, I'm giving them the confidence to make important decisions regarding the future of their child. Having this information, all in one place, clearly explained, allows parents to consider all the options available and weigh the pros and cons of each procedure," said Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones also believes that choosing the right doctor the first time is crucial because the first microtia repair surgery attempt is your best chance to achieve the best results. Parents need a surgeon who is not only experienced in carving out the cartilage and designing the ear, but someone who can do it effectively in a timely manner.

The number one concern of parents of children with microtia is their child's hearing. Dr. Jones, as an otolaryngologist (E.N.T.) as well as a plastic surgeon has the unique skill set of creating an aesthetically pleasing ear while not hindering the workings of the middle ear or obstructing the future work of an otologist. Many otologists will not open the middle ear for hearing if the outer ear has been made of synthetic material. Dr. Jones uses only the patient's own tissue which decreases the short- and the long-term complications.

"Working with these children and the satisfaction of their parents, makes the challenging and demanding work of ear reconstruction an amazing job for me. I received the best hugs, the cutest thank you notes and stories about their new ears. I continue to strive to come up with new and better innovations and techniques to improve the lives of these families,” explained Dr. Jones.

About Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia after obtaining a bachelors degree from Emory in Chemistry and Pre-Med. He attended the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for Medical Business Administration and Oxford University in England where he obtained additional Bachelors & Master's degrees Medical Physiology and Research. Dr. Jones returned to the U.S. and did his residency at Johns Hopkins University in ENT and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Jones completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Plastic Surgery in Paris, France and completed a second residency in plastic surgery at Stanford University.


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