The Turf Installer Introduces the New Patent Pending 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® for Synthetic Turf Installation Work, the First of its Kind

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The new 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® is designed to greatly improve the seaming quality for companies by providing all the needed equipment on one apparatus. The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® contains the Seam Tape Dispenser, 3 GluBoxes®, Proline Bucket dolly and Seam Roller all in one easy to move piece of equipment. Utilizing its patent pending design, the 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® can go from transporting the seaming equipment or adhesive into a seam rolling in less than 30 seconds which makes its flexibility on the job site invaluable for turf installers. The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® stores away with the seaming equipment securely attached, including the seam roller. The seaming of synthetic turf is the heart of the installation process and the 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® was engineered with over 25 years of experience installing these surfaces.

The introduction of the new 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® is a breakthrough for synthetic turf installers as it’s the first custom designed system, which includes all the key equipment to seam synthetic turf. Historically synthetic turf installers were not only forced to deal with an ever changing construction schedule and weather forecast, but also having to piece together equipment from different manufactures, from different industries combined to create their installation kit. The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® is first complete equipment apparatus which includes the important seam roller to finish the installation process. It’s equally effective when used on sports fields or landscape project.

“It’s like a heavy duty multi-purpose tool for installing synthetic turf seams. Once the installer is finished it packs away and stores in the same amount of space as a hand truck. Turf installers need good installation tools that are very portable and store well for traveling.” DOCAP President/COO Braddock “DOC” Boyd.

SEAM ROLLERS - The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® has a built-in seam roller that was engineered specifically for synthetic turf installations. Most of the rollers currently in use for turf installation are not designed for synthetic turf installation. The three most widely used rollers are the water fill lawn roller, the ride-on asphalt roller and the carpet/linoleum metal roller. The rider-on asphalt rollers are too heavy, the 2,000 pound weight will squeeze too much of the adhesive out of the seam, which weakens the seam long term. This is a very common mistake as 1 ton rollers are often used to touch up the stone subbase just before covering with the turf. The lawn roller and carpet rollers are inconvenient to move and store and don’t always make it out to the seaming area as needed due to the inconvenience they pose especially the carpet roller. These rollers are used because until now they were the best options. The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® is as easy to move around as rolling a hand truck and will always be on the turf close to where the seaming work is being done. The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® weighs 120 pounds with 100% welded steel constructed frame, consisting of 3/8” flat steel and 1 ½” round steel. It has a 10” diameter by 12” wide non-stick roller surface. It has heavy duty ball bearings which makes rolling synthetic turf seams an effortless activity. Because some install crews like to walk their seams and other like to ride, the SEAM-MACHINE® even has an optional tow kit, so it can be pulled behind a utility vehicle to roll seams.

SEAMING EQUIPMENT – The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® contains a premium Seam Tape Dispenser with 3 GluBoxes. It contains and turf tool kit with trap fiber tool, scissors, needle nose pliers and utility blade so the installer rolling seams is always traveling with tools to do quality assurance work. The Seam Tape Dispenser is constructed of quality welded steel. It can be used in a stationary position or the pull rope can be used to pull it along the seam on windy days. All the equipment is stored right on the SEAM-MACHINE® and the built in transport allows the installer to easily move the equipment from seam to seam. Once the seaming equipment is removed, the SEAM-MACHINE® has a custom design glue bucket holder built into the frame. The installers can now use it to move buckets of Proline T44 adhesive to the next seaming location. Once all the seaming work is complete the 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® easily and neatly stores all the equipment back on its frame as one item taking up less than 2’ x 3’ in storage space.

The 3-N-1 SEAM-MACHINE® is an invaluable tool for any synthetic turf installation company.

DOC Adhesive Products has over 25 years of experience in seaming synthetic turf and has designed a variety of tools and equipment to improve the process and help companies meet the challenging demands of installing synthetic turf. Whether it be a turf company, turf installation company, contractor or field owner, DOCAP offers the widest line of products and services for installing synthetic turf in the U.S. The Proline T44 elastic adhesive is the “Greenest” artificial turf adhesive product on the market and the only one on the U.S. market with warranty backing its performance. The tools and equipment offered to install and repair synthetic turf cover every type of synthetic turf made, so clients can find DOCAP as a one stop shop. Installation crew training and development program are available as well.

DOCAP also has the DOC Installer Network which is a network of synthetic turf installers from the U.S., to Europe that all use Proline T44 Elastic Adhesive and will perform contract installation work world-wide.

DOC Adhesive Products, LLC., is located in Fort Washington, Maryland offering a full line of environmentally friendly construction adhesives, for carpet, flooring, drywall and any other construction or MRO applications. DOCAP specializes in and manufactures all type of synthetic turf installation tools and equipment for building synthetic turf fields. ( DOCAP offers a repair glue for owners to use on their fields and offers free consulting when working with a DOCAP adhesive products. DOCAP also offer turf installation training program for companies looking to advance their installation crews productivity. Contact our office to order a catalog of installation equipment we offer.

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