A New and Innovative Solution for Large Manufacturers Who Want to Make Money Selling Their Waste Corrugated Cardboard Products

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Rebox is a Montreal based company that is “The Specialist in Environmentally Friendly Packing Solutions," and has found a new way for companies to make a profit.

Rebox (http://reboxcorp.com) is a Montreal based company that is “The Specialist in Environmentally Friendly Packing Solutions,” and has found a new way for companies to make a profit. Their business is buying used cardboard packing boxes from one company and reselling them, still in box form, to other companies. Unfortunately, demand from their customers exceeds their supply, and they are actively pursuing the acquisition of new suppliers amongst the large manufacturers who generate vast amounts of cardboard waste.

There is a waste management pyramid available for those who are interested in knowing the best way to dispose of industrial, commercial, and residential waste. It should be noted that that with all the buzz about recycling, it is only ranked fourth in the hierarchy. Above it is “Reuse”, a term that is only now starting to achieve some press.

There is a great difference between “reuse” and “recycling”. Recycling itself is a large user of energy and resources. Although it is leagues ahead of landfill in waste management, it still generates ecological damage just through the process. This does not happen when items are reused.

Many see the benefits of reusing items in their personal lives. An increasing number of people donate their own items, such as clothes and household objects, to charity organizations. Garage sales are the leader in sales of “stuff” for reuse. For every pound of waste that is saved from landfill, the benefits for everyone are increased.

Commercial and industrial enterprises also have to change their operations so that that they too can contribute to the movement to reuse supplies and equipment. Manufacturing and packing items should be earmarked for reuse instead of discarding or recycling them.

It is shocking to learn that in a time when everyone should be reducing their environmental foot print, that a company dedicated to collecting a reusable product and redistributing it, is falling short on inventory.

Despite the fact that the potential supplier of used boxes could generate a new revenue stream, as well as reduce labor costs, too many still compact their boxes (rendering them unusable) and send them to recycling or landfill. Every corrugated card board box that can be reused means a packaging cost saving for both the seller and the buyer, and reduces the energy lost in recycling them.

There is no doubt that the lifespan of a corrugated cardboard box should be greater than a single use. The Rebox program reduces landfill and energy costs of recycling, increases revenue, and cuts packaging and shipping costs. Rebox has become the principal buyer and reseller of used shipping boxes on the continent. Millions of boxes have passed through their doors. There is only one thing holding them back from extending their network: they need to increase the number of used boxes available for sale.

In other words, they need more people to sell them their garbage.

“One company’s waste is another one's gain” – Company motto

Ben and Jerry’s was an early convert. “We could see immediately that we would benefit environmentally, ergonomically and financially,” says Rob Michalak, a director of the company. They have even switched to unprinted boxes. Although their decision was based on environmental and financial reasons, this move facilitates the resell of what have the appearance of new boxes, for the cost of used ones.

Rebox is actively seeking more suppliers of once-used boxes. Every company should be considering the switch to this system for disposal of their packing waste.

"Rebox is a win, win for everyone,” says its co-founder Jeffrey Zemel. “From the manufacturers and recyclers who derive more money for their corrugate, to the customers who save on their purchases of used boxes. And, of course, the biggest winner is the environment, as Rebox helps save hundreds of thousands of trees each year. Also, the energy required to produce new boxes is eliminated.”


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