Announcing a WA Nonprofit that Helps to Restore Smiles and Transform Lives

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Aquarian Centers for Smile and Life Mastery helps those who have lost their ability to smile literally and metaphorically

The Aquarian Centers for Smile and Life Mastery (ACSLM), an emerging nonprofit organization in Washington State, provides and facilitates programs and services which promote Oral Health, General Health, Wellness and Successful Living. ‘Smile Mastery’ a term coined by founder and executive director, Esi A. Quaidoo DDS is the process of identifying, developing and nurturing that inner smile, and integrating it with a healthy attractive outer smile to promote health, wellness, a state of empowerment and total well being.

The mouth is the gateway to the body and a healthy mouth makes for a healthy body. Oral disease unfortunately has been linked with many disease states such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Oropharyngeal Cancers, tooth loss, pain as well as many undesired emotional and stressful states.

On a brighter note, an Attractive, Healthy Smile has been shown to trigger instant positive and seemingly magical emotional responses and attitudes in people the world over. A Smile can be an effective mood changer, stress reliever, and immune system booster. Smiling often can reverse the aging process, make you look years younger, help you stay positive, and help you feel good. An attractive healthy smile can boost your self-esteem. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin, your body’s natural pain killers and feel good chemicals, into your body without the side effects that are typical for most drugs on the market. Smiling has even been shown to lower blood pressure. In today’s competitive world, Smiling is a great way to stand out and distinguish yourself as confident, attractive, and successful whilst helping your body to function better. Smiling has no known negative side effects on the body, is a universal form of communication and is the most contagious phenomenon on the planet.

The Aquarian Centers for Smile and Life Mastery provides access to Oral Care, Wellness Education, and helps to identify and overcome some of the other barriers to Smile Mastery, important yet often underestimated roadblocks in the pursuit of happiness and total well being. Educational and Coaching topics include ‘Smoking Cessation’, ‘Stress and Anxiety Management’, ‘Overcoming Fear’, and ‘Life Skills Coaching’. In addition, ACSLM services employ alternative modalities such as Reiki and Neurolinguistic Programming(NLP). Learn more about ACSLM and how you can benefit from and support this powerful and worthwhile cause.


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