The Number One Book on Kindle for Prostate Cancer on "The Decision" by Northeast Georgia Urologist Dr. John C. McHugh

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Dr. McHugh's professional and personal experience with prostate cancer uniquely qualifies his book, "The Decision," as a required reading decision-making guide for the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient.

Clarion's ForeWord Review of The Decision

Clarion's ForeWord Book Reviews gives "The Decision" Five out Five Stars

Clarion ForeWord Five Star out of Five Book Review:

McHugh has written an invaluable tool for the man facing the decision of how to treat his prostate cancer.

John Michael Senger
April 28, 2011

Dr. McHugh says,"This book is different from all the other books available on prostate cancer. It is not a text book on the subject. It is not a "survivor story" touting the particular treatment a patient chose. It is a decision-making guide for the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient fashioned from the perspective a urologist who has treated the disease for over 25 years and then had the disease himself." Dr. McHugh's podcasts on Itunes.

Dr. McHugh was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer in 2007. Witnessing for years the frustration of his patients making "the decision" regarding which therapy to choose and then having to experience it himself, prompted him to define the decision-making journey for others. During the three months it took for him to decide, it became clear that the decision is multifaceted and depends a lot on the patient's particular situation at the time of diagnosis. Combining his story-telling abilities with his medical insight and experience, Dr. McHugh offers the reader a fresh and novel approach to deciding what to do about his prostate cancer. Visit Dr. McHugh's blog "Prostate Diaries" at

"The Decision" is unique in that it blends the necessary medical information with the necessary personal information peculiar to each patient to make their prostate cancer decision. A disease that the average male thinks is one of old people and of which no one ever dies, once diagnosed presents a very complicated decision to make," says Dr. McHugh.

"The consequences of removing the prostate are very different from removing, say the gallbladder, because of the potential of incontinence and impotence. Because of this patients often try to pick a treatment that they feel will spare them the complications but treat the disease. My book helps define the issues. Particularly the affect all the treatments have on how the male will void, an aspect often overlooked in the decision-making process," says Dr. McHugh.

250,000 men will be diagnosed this year in the U.S. and over 25,000 will die of prostate cancer making the subject matter of McHugh's book relevant to the male both of the age at risk for the disease as well as the one who is newly diagnosed.

"I don't want you to do (radical prostatectomy) 'what I did' for my cancer. I want you to make your decision 'the way' I did," says Dr. McHugh

Clarion ForeWord Review

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