Four Questions to Consider Before Purchasing a Swimming Pool

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The Best of Both Worlds: Family Leisure Introduces the “On-Ground” Pool A New Combination of In-Ground and Above-Ground Swimming Pools

From the large public pools of the Indus River Valley and Sri Lanka to the wealthy villas of the Greek elite and Roman Emperors, the ancients repeatedly turned to swimming pools for religious rituals and a way to cool down during the hot summer months. Are you thinking of copying the ancients by adding a swimming pool to beat the heat? Before you dive into a swimming pool purchase this summer, consider the following:

1.    What type of swimming pool do I need? Your choices could be limited based on where you live, your budget the rules of your neighborhood association and your family’s needs. So do your homework. Standard choices include above-ground swimming pools, in-ground swimming pools, and on-ground swimming pools. I’m sure you are familiar with the first two, but what exactly is an on-ground pool? It’s a hybrid between an in-ground pool and an above-ground swimming pool, giving you the ability to bury the pool in your yard, leave it completely above ground, or sculpt the land around the pool wall to your desired height, giving the pool a low profile in the yard. Browse above ground pools.

2.    What size of swimming pool do I need? This question can be answered by looking at your family photos. How many children, if any, will be using the pool? Will you have extended family and neighborhood guests over for a swim? In-ground pools can be molded to your needs and the backyard’s space, which offers many advantages. Most above ground pools come in standard sizes, such as economic 15’ pools, or far roomier 21’ x 41’ swimming pools, and almost every size in-between. In addition, above ground pools offer standard shapes, such as rectangles and ovals. On-ground pools are usually offered in standard sizes and shapes as well. Finding the perfect size of on-ground pools presents challenges, since the variety of sizes is less than the more established above-ground swimming pool.

3.    What is my budget and time-frame? In-ground pools can be quite pricy and require costly permits and ground tests, not to mention the expense of the crew that digs the hole and installs the pool. People typically overlook the amount of time spent digging up the yard; you could have a crew in your backyard for weeks. On-ground and above-ground pool installations are safe, simple, and inexpensive and can be installed in half a day, saving you money and time. What about the cost of maintenance? Maintaining an above ground swimming pool is a breeze. They typically require regular vacuuming, monthly filter maintenance and weekly chemical treatments, all easy chores for any swimming pool rookie.

4.    Are the pool chemicals safe for my kids? Probably the most important question on this list! Pool balancing chemicals are proven safe for adults, children, dogs, cats, frogs, snakes and the occasional piece of patio furniture, whether it’s chlorine-based chemicals or a perma-salt system. What’s the difference? You are probably familiar with chlorine, which has been a standard in private and public pools for decades. Remember those burning eyes as a kid? That’s chlorine! A chlorine balancing system uses pH and alkalinity adjustors, along with a weekly “shock” of chlorine to prevent slime and algae. Perma-salt systems are considered by some to be a more holistic, alternative approach to pool maintenance. This system uses natural minerals, such as silver and copper, to replicate what occurs in rivers and streams. You do have to “shock” the pool each week, but instead of chlorine, you utilize an all-natural enzyme. Check out our pool supplies.
The ancients in Sri Lanka built a pair of pools called “Kuttam Pokuna” as early as the 4th Century B.C., decorated with flights of steps, intricate scroll designs, carvings and depths of 18’. Today the largest pool on Earth, the San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile, covers 19 acres and requires an estimated $4 million in annual maintenance. You may not want something on the scale of either of these swimming pools, but with Family Leisure’s new on-ground swimming pools, you can add a remarkable swimming hole rarely seen in anyone’s backyard.


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