Florida Courier Company Offers Solutions to Hospitals and Businesses Facing Budget Cuts

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Florida governmental budget cuts are forcing hospital systems to find new ways to cut expenditures. Equipment purchasing will be reduced and personnel will be cut. A Florida courier service is offering help to reduce delivery expenses without jeopardizing existing levels of service.

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"This reduces costs to a single business, promotes efficiency and eliminates the waste from full time employees facing downtime."

In today’s economy, cutting expenses is on everyone’s mind. We know from operating our own household budgets that this is not always as easy as it sounds although it can be done. We can go from deluxe cable to basic cable and save $25.00 a month. If we do away with our home phone and rely only on a mobile, we can save another $40.00 per month. We can cut out the designer coffees and save still another $25.00 a month. However, as you know, there are certain things we cannot cut out such as health insurance, the house payment, or the rising cost of filling your gas tank. Now, here is the hard part: What about a home security system? The cost is about $32.00 per month, but do we need it? Granted, it is not absolutely necessary, but we’re talking about our family’s safety. Do we keep it or choose to do away with it and save the money?

The same challenges face corporations. Imagine being the CEO of one of Florida’s hospitals or nursing homes now, where, according to a Florida news service article (5/4/11), Florida lawmakers are cutting $700 million from their budgets in funds earmarked for hospitals. Consequently, hospital administrators have to find ways to dramatically reduce their expenditures.

One interesting but essential way that any industry can save money is to eliminate their internal courier group and replace them with same-day couriers such as American Expediting which has serviced businesses and healthcare for twenty-eight years. There are major savings to be realized by doing so.

If you consider just the pure cost of an employee including salary, insurance coverage, taxes, paid vacations, sick days, personal days, and 401K’s. There is the additional cost of leasing a company fleet, along with the fuel, maintenance, and insurance. Also to be factored in is the first premium increase after an accident, or legal suit resulting from an accident. Add this all up and the cost of an employee doing courier work is well over $45 per hour, a hefty amount for 24/7/365 operations such as hospitals. There is also the cost of shift supervisors and a manager for the courier department. Simple math illustrates how expensive internal messengers are for any business.

By using American Expediting, hospitals and businesses are able to control costs by only paying for courier services as needed. On a slow day, you don’t have employees trying to find something to do. On a busy day, American Expediting, your same-day courier, is on the job! Plus, you have now just eliminated all of those above-mentioned extraneous costs making your company more profitable.

If you are wondering how American Expediting can do this, the answer is it’s easy. By maintaining and growing a broad base of customers and having a staff trained in the art of “logistics management,” we are able to route our couriers so that our clients are sharing the cost. In other words, a single courier is “working” for multiple companies; so many businesses contribute to his pay check. This reduces costs to a single business, promotes efficiency and eliminates the waste from full time employees facing downtime.

Just as important is the quality of our couriers and our work. All American Expediting drivers are highly trained in delivering time-critical packages without compromise. They are also fully experienced in route and STAT deliveries. Couriers are keenly aware that they are representing our client’s businesses; American Expediting only uses uniformed couriers with a picture ID and a professional appearance.

There are over 30regional American Expediting offices around the country including the local dispatch and warehousing sites in Miami, Orlando and Tampa, operating 24/7/365 so whether you are a small business, large corporation, or medical facility, we can help you save money and still get your work done.


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