Military Discounts for Search Engine Optimization Training Tuition Is Now Available

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Active duty, reserve and guard military personnel and their spouses and dependents over 18 can receive substantial discounts on search engine optimization training and certification costs through Search Engine Academy Washington DC.

Search Engine Academy Washington DC (SEA DC) is now offering a substantial discount on their 5-day SEO Comprehensive Master course to active duty, reserve and military veterans who are preparing for civilian life. The regular price is $2495 for 40 hours of intense SEO training that includes classroom participation and hands-on exercises. SEA DC is making the 5-day course available to the military for $1700.00.

This discount is also available to military and veteran spouses and dependents who over the age of 18.

According to Nancy E. Wigal, the owner and operator of Search Engine Academy Washington DC, "I did a lot of research and information gathering about VA educational benefits and the GI Bill, and unfortunately, our 5-day course doesn't meet the eligibility requirements for tuition assistance or reimbursement. But that isn't going to stop me from making this training affordable and accessible to our military personnel and veterans," she said. Nancy is an Army veteran as well.

"These folks desperately need skills training and transition assistance. I want to do what I can to support our service women and men. I know how I felt when I was getting ready to be discharged, and I was absolutely terrified, not knowing what the heck I was going to be when I grew up," stated Nancy.

This training is well suited to military personnel because "it's intensive, in-depth and moves right along," according to Nancy. "The military is used to this, and soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will have no trouble at all successfully completing this course. They get in-demand job skills that can get them back into the civilian workforce."

Because SEO is a growing career field, the demand for those who understand SEO is large. Job search websites and directories now have many different positions advertised that require some knowledge, skill and ability in SEO. Many active duty, reserve and military veteran personnel are contemplating what to do for a civilian career.

Search Engine Academy Washington DC wants to make this career training available to as many military personnel as possible. With the anticipated troop withdrawal from combat zones overseas in July 2011, there is a possibility the military could conduct a Reduction In Force (RIF). If this happens, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines will be transitioned to civilian life before their contract discharge date.

"Let's face it. The unemployment rate is still up there. If these folks are released early from their military obligation, and can't find work, this won't exactly help either the numbers or those who need work. This is just one solution of many," said Nancy.

While SEO training can be done in Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland, SEA also has academies in New York, North Carolina, Florida, California, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon.

"Attendees don't have to be here, or come here for SEO training. I'm always happy to let them know where the nearest Search Engine Academy is located," according to Nancy.

Search Engine Academy Washington DC delivers the 5-day training course in a classroom atmosphere, face to face with the students. During the week, attendees are given classroom exercises and projects to participate in, as well as hear lectures on all SEO aspects.

Students are required to take an online written exam and must score at least 76% to pass the course. Classes are kept to a maximum of 15 students to ensure the instructors can adequately answer their questions and guide them personally through any course materials that might cause difficulty.

Search Engine Academy Washington DC certifies each student who successfully passes the exam in Search Engine Optimization. In addition, SEA offers a package of SEO start up tools to allow those who strike out on their own as freelance SEO consultants to offer more in-depth SEO services to clients.

"We teach you SEO according to the webmaster guidelines that are published by Google, Yahoo! and Bing," said Nancy. "You will not get your site or your clients' sites in trouble with the search engines by using the SEO processes, techniques and principles we teach."

The Search Engine Academy also offers six months' free mentoring upon successful completion of any search engine workshop to attendees. Nancy said "We don't just teach you, test you, then toss you out there to sink or swim. We care greatly that you can not only read the material and pass the exam, but that you can apply what you've learned. It's important to us that you are confident in optimizing any size web site."

Search Engine Academy Washington DC schedules courses each month; SEA can also deliver the training on-demand at any facility that has conference or classroom space to accomodate multiple attendees. Each student brings an internet-ready laptop to the course to augment their training. "I like to say that all I need is electricity and internet access," said Nancy.

Attendees do not need any computer programming or coding skills to complete any Search Engine Academy course. According to Nancy, "As long as you have decent reading, writing and analyzation skills, you're going to do just fine as an SEO specialist. If you're like me, and you have no aptitude for programming or coding, don't worry. You don't need it."

Anyone who realizes she needs new job skills to compete more effectively in the job arena can benefit from this training if she performs any duties or functions that are related to, or support websites, internet operations, online marketing and communications. In addition, those who wish to start their own businesses need SEO skills to optimize their own websites to show up higher in search results.

Nancy also said she is looking for partner organizations that offer job skills and transition training to join forces. "I am very interested in talking to any non-profit or for-profit entity that thinks a partnership would be worth looking at."

Nancy is also exploring low cost loan options for those military personnel and veterans who need assistance in paying for the course. "I hope to find some student loan processes these folks can leverage if they can't pay for the course on their own," said Nancy. "If anyone can show me how to create a relationship or a partnership with an organization that can loan these folks the tuition at reasonable interest rates, I'd love to talk them as soon as possible."

About Search Engine Academy Washington DC: It is part of a national Search Engine Academy that was founded by Robin Nobles and John Alexander. Search Engine Academy conducts two, three and five-day SEO training and certification courses for anyone who maintains a website. Custom training packages are also available upon request. Search Engine Academy also does SEO consulting for any business with an under-performing website.


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