Long Island Bahamas Chamber of Commerce Reports the Exciting Annual Sailing Regatta

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"The biggest and most exciting event in Long Island is the annual sailing regatta featuring traditional Bahamian built sailing sloops," states Mario Cartwright, president of the Long Island Chamber of Commerce.

Map of the Bahamas

This year, June 2 to June 4, 2011 will attract contestants from all over the islands of the Bahamas and will be attended by Bahamians and international visitors alike.The newly formed website for the Long Island Chamber of Commerce has information about the regatta and videos that show many of the attributes of this remarkable island.

The regatta sailing vessels must be designed, built, owned and skippered by Bahamians, keeping alive the old tradition of boat building and sailing. The races are watched at water's edge at the settlement of Salt Pond. Local food and live music make it a real party atmosphere for the spectators.

Long Island makes for a great vacation destination beyond the regatta, there are over six hundred islands that make up the island chain. There are many unique islands, each with its own personality. All the islands of the Bahamas have surrounding waters with multiple shades of turquoise and powdery white to pink sand beaches, warm breezes and coconut palms. What makes Long Island exceptional beyond all of these sought after amenities? The people. Beyond being nearly crime free, this peaceful island has friendly, truly happy people that wave and greet all as they pass, whether by car, bicycle or on foot.

Vacationers immediately feel the welcoming spirit of the island, which adds immensely to their experience of this magical place. Some travelers are used to having their beach time interrupted by hawkers selling their wares, but not on Long Island, there are miles and miles of secluded beaches. Long Islanders are not wealthy but they are hard working, mostly church going people. They take care of themselves and each other. The children are well educated with many leaving the island for a college education, only to come back at some point to raise their family in a beautiful and safe environment.

The US dollar is the same equivalent as the Bahamian dollar; in fact they are used interchangeably. The Bahamas is an English speaking country and gained their independence from England in 1973. There is still much of the English influence, as they do drive on the left side of the road, so beware. But driving in Long Island is a great respite for those commuters who have to deal with stressful rush hour traffic. There are no signal lights on the island and very few stop signs, as they are not needed. The worst traffic jam that may be encountered is a family of sheep or goats crossing the road.

Even though Long Island is a relatively small island some 80 miles long, the activities and events are numerous, such as; deep sea fishing, bone fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, the annual sailing regatta, and fishing tournaments. And an international “Free Diving” competition at the Bahamas deepest blue hole, Dean’s Blue Hole some 600 feet deep.

Long Island has many great restaurants featuring Bahamian fare with fresh offerings from the sea such as; conch salad, conch fritters, cracked conch, grouper, snapper and more.

There are many lovely rentals on the island from small cottages to larger homes to accommodate small or large families. There are also several resorts for those who wish to have more onsite amenities.

This small island has a marina at the Northern part of the island on the Caribbean side and a marina on the Atlantic side farther South, to accommodate the yachtsmen. There are two airports on Long Island served by several airlines from Nassau to Long Island, with Bahamas Air being the largest carrier.

For a rejuvenating vacation that leaves shopping malls, snarls of traffic, fast food and noise behind, visit Long Island.


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