Private Investigator, Bari Kroll, Says Infidelity Concerns Are Not Just In Hollywood

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Helpful hints from a New Jersey licensed private investigator about how to identify infidelity and professionals that can help with that issue.

Monmouth County, New Jersey is home to quaint towns, beautiful neighborhoods, and manicured lawns. But according to Bari Kroll, owner of B. Lauren Investigations, a New Jersey licensed private detective agency, behind the picket fences and brightly painted front doors, an old high school acquaintance may be electronically seducing your husband or wife. Within the comfort of your home office, your spouse may be registering with an on-line dating site to search for prospective partners. At your beach club or country club, a divorced neighbor or friend may be dangerously flirting with your spouse.

The statistics about infidelity are frightening -- 60% of husbands and 40% of wives will have an affair during their marriage. Do you have a suspicion that your spouse has not been entirely honest with you about their whereabouts and who they were with? Do you wonder if your spouse, like former Governor Schwarzenegger, has a significant other or children in another county or state? How can you tell if your spouse is cheating on you?

“There are many clues to infidelity and knowing what signs to look for is often the first step” says Kroll. “Signs include the spouse who never lets their cell phone out of their sight or out of their reach. Another sign is the spouse who when they arrive home immediately need to shower. An additional clue is when your spouse will not allow you access to their computer or instantly shut it down when you enter the room.” Kroll says other common signs include unexplained credit card charges or ATM withdrawals. “Has your spouse taken longer than usual trips to the store and return home empty handed? Have you had an uncomfortable feeling that things weren’t right but when you asked your spouse, he or she immediately told you that you are crazy?”

“Adultery is painful and often difficult to prove,” says Kroll “but private investigators, who specialize in infidelity investigations can help you find the truth. Sometimes people want evidence of infidelity for a divorce case but just as often my clients want to work on their marriage and need the proof to help them discuss the issues openly with their spouse.”

“Infidelity is one of the most common issues private investigators deal with,” says Kroll. “Just last month a woman who suspected that her husband had fathered children outside their marriage contacted me to see if I could help her find proof. It was a great source of stress between them. The wife repeatedly asked her husband but each time he denied it. Upon her request, I conducted a few days of research and was able to produce documentation that her husband had fathered not one but two children during their marriage.” Kroll continues, “with birth certificates in hand, it was hard for the woman’s husband to continue to deny the adulterous affair. “

Wives as well as husbands can be unfaithful. “Recently, a husband called me because he thought his wife may be cheating on him,” says Kroll. “He wanted proof of the affair so that he could confront her and discuss the affair openly and honestly. As part of my investigative work, we used a GPS tracking device for a period of two weeks. During that time, his wife visited a hotel after she had specifically told him that she would be somewhere else for the evening. With the on-line research we conducted, I was able to place her affair partner at the hotel as well. When my client confronted his wife with the details, she confessed to the affair. They are currently working to rebuild their relationship.”

Infidelity is damaging and emotionally difficult to overcome. Cheryl Nastasio, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in West Long Branch, New Jersey, helps individuals as well as couples work through the aftermath of infidelity. “I provide therapy to individuals who want to understand why their spouse cheated on them and to help them overcome the negative impact of the betrayal. I also provide counseling to couples that want to rebuild trust in their relationship, “ says Nastasio.

For more information about how a private investigator can help you discover whether your spouse is cheating, contact Kroll at B. Lauren Investigations at 732.933.9800 or info(at)blinj(dot)com. For more information about counseling options related to infidelity, contact Nastasio at 732.935.7222.


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