The Implementation of One of the Nation’s Largest Retailer’s Organic Landfill Diversion Program Has Provided a Catalyst in Recycling Demand in the Grocery Industry

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Quest Recycling introduced the lessons learned from rolling out the nation’s largest retailer’s organic landfill diversion program at the Sixth AgSTAR National Conference in Boise, Idaho on May 12th, 2011.

Quest Recycling


The leader in organics recycling.

Matt Hedrick, EVP of Quest Recycling Services LLC was a keynote speaker at The Sixth AgSTAR National Conference in Boise, Idaho.

Quest Recycling EVP encouraged conference participants to jump on the waste to energy revolution and provided information on how Quest Recycling designed and rolled out a nationwide food recycling, also called organics, program to process food waste into high value end products such as energy and compost.

Quest Recycling is at the fore front of the waste to energy movement, working with the nation‘s largest retailers and food waste processors to recycle over 180,000 tons of organics in 2010. It takes an average of 30 years for organic waste to break down into stable compounds in your average landfill, in comparison, a well-run composter will complete the job in as little as three weeks.

“Designing a nationwide organic recycling program offered many opportunities” said Matt Hedrick. “Many agriculture and commercial digesters have been approached by waste brokers, service providers and generators in efforts lower their current disposal cost and raise the beneficiary use of a material which historically went into municipal landfills. What are the lessons learned from the large scale diversion of grocery food waste to digesters. What are the brokers selling? What is the economic balancing act which must be met? How robust must your digester and pre-treatment processing be to handle solid organic material from grocery chains? How much of a boost in gas production should you expect? The opportunities are out there but you need to know what to expect. “

“The organics recycling program,” says Hedrick, “ is designed to help Quest Recycling’s customers divert food waste from landfill and achieve zero waste as well as provide processing facilities with supplemental revenue, increased feedstock and increased gas production. However, it is essential to be very proactive on how your system can screen contaminates, process the solids in correct blend and the design of a robust receiving area”. “Two direct competitors, digesters and composters, are emerging in the market place for grocery related feedstock as it relates to driving tip fees. Be leery of Brokers who promise the sky, drive tip fees out of market range, and require full control of feedstock sourcing.”

About Quest Recycling LLC
Quest Recycling Services, is one of the nation’s fastest growing full service recycling companies. Quest Recycling, which is based out of Frisco, Texas manages the recycling effort of over 7,500 locations nationwide.

Quest’s customers span from automotive to industrial, fleet, municipalities, hospitality and foodservice industries. Quest also partners with, providing consumers with information about recycling and local community resources.

Quest’s provides nation-wide, one-stop recycling solutions for all waste streams to both companies and communities.


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