VapeShak Provides Customers with Cheapest Electronic Cigarettes Announces Product Changes and new Flavors

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Some smokeless cigarette retailers are charging customers $150 for starter kits and sometimes even more. Cartridges or cartomizers for as much as $20.

Electronic cigarettes are taking over the tobacco industry, hundreds of companies are now selling the popular devices, however many customers are getting robbed.
VapeShak has had a simple goal in mind ever since they began their operations, to provide individuals with a great alternative to analog cigarettes at a very fair price that would even help them save money compared to traditional cigarettes.

VapeShak's CEO states that the company has grown about 600% since it began its online operation just last year at and says that customer satisfaction is their number one priority. VapeShak is announcing a major product change to its lineup. The company use to offer cartridges and atomizers separately, however the company's announcement to make a move to "cartomizers" is a big improvement over cartridges. The company stated that cartridges cause liquid to sometimes enter the consumers mouth and also doesn't hold as much liquid as a cartomizer does. "Our customers will be able to refill their own cartomizers just as they have been able to do with the cartridges." Rudnick stated. The company wants to continue to provide the lowest cost electronic cigarette solution available. VapeShak has also released two new flavors "Lemon Shark" and "Surfin' Strawberry" to go along with their growing list of flavors for consumers to choose from.

Electronic cigarettes are made up of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge or simply a battery and a "cartomizer" which combines the atomizer and the cartridge all into one unit. The cartridge, or cartomizer, holds liquid which is turned into vapor when it is heated. VapeShak provides both the 2 piece and 3 piece system at this time and even encourages their users to refill their own cartridges or cartomizers to save money, something that most other companies would never advise in order to make even more money.

VapeShak does sell E Liquid, which they refer to as "VapeJuice", this liquid is available in either 0, 11 or 18mg of nicotine and is used to refill cartridges, cartomizers or even to just "drip" directly onto the atomizer and saves the consumer a lot of money. When a consumer can purchase 30ml of liquid for only around $17 (the equivalent of 2 cartons of traditional cigarettes), the consumer can save hundreds of dollars a month.

The companies electronic cigarette starter kits often pay for themselves with their initial purchase. The company also offers a 30 day, money back guarantee as well as a one year warranty. VapeShak also offers a one of a kind buyback program to users that finish using the product after their 30 day money back guarantee.
"We provide our customers with more to get them started than any other retailer", says VapeShak's CEO, Josh Rudnick.

Rudnick is a very young CEO at only age 24, he says his company operates on his own work history, which has been customer service. "Any company without great customer service is being set up for failure," Rudnick stated.

VapeShak says they are seeing an increasing number of companies offering free trials, which turn around and cause problems for customers. "They are requiring the customer to give them their credit card number so they can charge them a monthly fee for refills," Rudnick stated. Rudnick also noted that their company does not charge customers on a monthly basis but instead asks customers to come back to their website ( when they're ready for refills.
When we asked Rudnick what has been the hardest part about opening his own business, he stated, "larger corporations such as Google and PayPal have been the hardest part of operating my business". The VapeShak CEO stated that running a company that sells electronic cigarettes is tough because of the controversy around it, "Google doesn't want to advertise for you and PayPal doesn't want to process your payments."


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