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The Construction Equipment Technology Alliance (CETA) Demonstration Days are one few opportunities to see some of the latest technology for mobile construction plant in the UK during 2011. A number of brand new products will be showcased across two days making this an event not to be missed.

Construction Equipment Technology Alliance Demonstration Days

Construction Equipment Technology Alliance

“Visitors to CETA demonstration days will be able to experience a whole variety of working technologies as well as discuss their individual applications and requirements with CETA members”

The UK is bereft of a dedicated mobile plant show in 2011 and with the first Plantworx show not until 2013, where do mobile plant operators go to see what is new in the world of mobile plant technology?

A good starting point may be the CETA Demonstration Days which will be held at Uttoxeter Race Course on the 15th/16th June

CETA (the Construction Equipment Technology Alliance) is a new organisation and has been formed by Halomec, MOBA Mobile Automation Ltd, GKD Technik and OnGrade Ltd to promote the use of technology on mobile plant.

The CETA Demonstration Days will consist of live demonstrations of a variety of systems from all four member companies.

So what can visitors expect to see at the demonstration days?

Some of the products demonstrated are well established technologies, such as GKD’s 2RCI and 3RCI market leading safe load indicators; Halomec’s auto lube systems by Lincoln; DigPilot, OnGrade’s portable machine control system for excavators; and the MOBA-Matic automatic levelling systems

As well as these established products there will be some exciting new products to be seen. This is a small taste of what’s on show:

TipSafe - GKD Technik
Ideally suited to small utility plant and self drive hire machines the TipSafe is an inclinometer based system that offers a warning when an excavator or piece of machinery goes beyond its approved working incline envelope.

On approach to the maximum permitted incline a visual warning is given to the operator and on reaching the maximum permitted safe incline an alarm is sounded and the event is data logged.

With the GKD TipSafe you can be assured your assets are working within their defined and safe parameters reducing the possibility of accidents.

X Weigh - Halomec
The ability to weigh material at the point of extraction has been a requirement across several industry sectors for many years but excavator weighing has remained one of the final challenges for manufacturers of onboard weighing technology that was until now!

X-Weigh gives true dynamic weighing during the digging and loading operation, without compromising the speed of dig. For the first time, operators can accurately load trucks without the need for on-board weighing on the receiving truck or a weighbridge close by for more on X Weigh visit http://www.loadritescales.com/products/excavator-scales

X-Weigh can be linked with other Loadrite weighing systems to form part of a total productivity solution.

MCA-1000 Compaction Assistant

The CETA Demonstration Days will see the first ever public demonstration of the new, easy to use, operator focussed, MOBA on-board pass count/monitoring system.
Improperly compacted surfaces are one of the leading causes for poor quality and premature failure of asphalt surfaces. You can avoid this by accurately monitoring the compaction of the material and with the MOBA Material Compaction Assistant (MCA) road building contractors can accomplish this task with ease and speed.

Helping the Operator
The MCA supports the roller operator by recording and displaying the number of roller passes during the whole project. The screen shows the required pass patterns and then the actual coverage of same. When the operator stops the roller, the system stores that position accurately, and when the rolling process is resumed the record starts again from the exact stopping point.

The result: The complete area is uniformly compacted based on the optimal rolling pattern coverage.

ZoneSafe - OnGrade
The risk of personnel – vehicle incidents (PVIs) remains a major concern for all companies operating mobile plant. Despite the successful introduction of technology and better working practices accidents can still occur.

A new product called aims to provide companies with a new tool reducing the risk of PVIs even further. ZoneSafe™ is a proximity warning system that produces a detection zone around a vehicle. The zone can be configured to give a full 360° detection monitor at a perimeter range of up to 8m. When the vehicle zone is entered by personnel wearing a ZoneSafe™ transponder (also known as tag) an in cab alarm warning to the operator of the vehicle that the zone has been breached.

Don’t miss your chance to see what’s new in mobile plant technology http://www.cetauk.org


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