IGoPioneering.com Launches New Series of Pages

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IGoPioneering.com launches new content to include information about famous historical and present day people, and famous events.

IGoPioneering.com has recently launched a series of pages dealing the lives of several well-known and a few well known figures from history and the present day. These people are known for their accomplishments in being a pioneer in their respective fields. In addition to being the first, in many cases, they did well at whatever they attempted. For example, one of the new pages, titled “Biography of Neil Armstrong” showcases the first man on the moon and provides information on several well-written books detailing his life. Another of the new articles is about Bill Walsh. Bill was a successful football coach, and the page provides several significant details about his life and accomplishments as the leader of the San Francisco ‘49ers. An article about Jackie Robinson details this man’s amazing journey through life, eventually leading to his career as the first African American to play sports in the major leagues in the United States. Although this is quite common now, it was incredibly revolutionary at the time, and the article accurately depicts the difficulties Jackie overcame. The new series of pages also includes an entry highlighting Danica Patrick’s rise in the ranks of NASCAR. In a sport dominated by men, it is enjoyable to read about an underdog woman claiming victory. Although not winning a race as a NASCAR driver, Danica did have one win in a Formula One race car, and was the first woman to do so. Finally, the new series of pages includes an entry about President Barack Obama. President Obama made new ground in a few areas, including being the first American President of African American descent, and the first President born in the state of Hawaii.

About IGoPioneering.com

IGoPioneering.com was launched in October of 2007 and is a community of people dedicated to the spirit of adventure and pioneering. In its early days the community tended to focus on outdoor activities such as hiking and geocaching, but has since branched out to other areas of pioneering such as space exploration and politics. The forum is a way for like-minded members of the community to share ideas, and the blog is regularly updated to include a regular stream of articles about pioneering and exploration. The site is designed and maintained by WebsiteBusiness.com.


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