A-Z Global Marketing Inc Announces The Opening of Distributorship Opportunity For Battery Chem Worldwide

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A-Z Global Marketing Inc has announced the opening up of distributorship opportunities for their green technology product – Battery Chem – on a worldwide level.

Battery Chem is a revolutionary green technology, that comes in the form of a solid chemical additive.

It is designed to rejuvenate and extend the life of lead-acid batteries, that are commonly found in vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles, forklifts, vans, boats, military vehicles, as well as equipments and generators.

Battery Chem will help in removing sulfation build up in batteries. It also keeps the battery plates and separators clean and in good working condition and does not contain EDTA.

Battery Chem helps consumers, corporations and organizations save millions of dollars in battery replacement cost. At the same time, the users save time in battery disposal efforts.

The environment is protected as well because less batteries are sent to the landfill.

Walt Barrett, the inventor of Battery Chem, and president of A-Z Global Marketing Inc, has been successfully selling Battery Chem in the US for 25 years. He is very proud of the massive value and savings Battery Chem can bring to the consumer.

Walt says, “I recently saved three $6,800.00 large fork lift batteries that had sat unused or charged for three years in an unheated warehouse. That's almost $20,000 in savings!

Our dealers are making huge money saving these very expensive batteries."

Due to global demand of Battery Chem, Walt Barrett is now opening up distributorship to serious companies around the world with the scale and capability to bring the value of Battery Chem to their local markets.

“The business of battery re-conditioning is such a profitable business, and the results that we are getting from our product never cease to amaze me. We really need to get more people involved in this very profitable phase of the business. It's a huge win-win - both for the consumer and the distributors", Walt explains.

Battery Chem is now sold in pouches and gallon pails. For more information, visit http://www.BatteryChem.biz. Interested and serious distributors can also email their inquiries jagfoo(at)batterychemeurope(dot)com or batterychem(at)gmail(dot)com.


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