Business Phone System Supplier Announces New Improved Offer on the Xblue X16 Phone System for Small Business

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Telco Depot, an established name in phone systems and one of the leading suppliers of phone equipment to small businesses in the U.S., has announced a new improved offering on the Xblue X16 small business phone system which it provides for businesses through its online phone system store at The Xblue X16 is a phone system popular with small businesses for its ease of use, scalability and cost-effectiveness, and Telco Depot has introduced new incentives to further promote interest in the X16 phone system among businesses. Telco Depot will now offer a free programming service for every X16 phone system. As a bonus, X16 buyers will also have a choice of 2 Xblue X16 phones when purchasing from Telco Depot. Using an affordable adapter, the system can even be configured to work with VoIP phones and Internet phone service.

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The X16 is an incredibly popular phone system, especially with small businesses; they love it because of its low cost profile, scalable business phone features and ease of installation and use.

The new improved Xblue X16 offer from Telco Depot will allow interested X16 buyers and businesses wishing to upgrade from their old key telephone systems to take advantage of a number of additional benefits which include a new free programming service, and a choice of 2 Xblue X16 phones when making a purchase. The X16 business phones from are currently being offered at perhaps the lowest prices on the web, and the ingenuity of the phone system already makes it a popular choice with small businesses which need capable, scalable & low cost phone systems and equipment to power their communications infrastructure. The move by to introduce additional benefits to the already popular business phone system is in a bid to improve the appeal of the telephone system across a broader range of small businesses with between 2 and 16 users.

One major part of the new offer on X16 business phone systems is the free programming service. With the new service, will deliver each Xblue X16 phone system fully pre-programmed based on customer preferences, as customers will be provided with questionnaires that indicate their configuration preferences prior to purchase of the phone systems. The new service is important, because though the X16 is widely acknowledged as one of the easiest phones to program, customers or users who are not tech-savvy may still encounter challenges while configuring and installing the phone system. completely eliminates this concern with the new programming service, which is administered free of charge.

In addition, offers a 60 day 100% money back guarantee on all Xblue phones. This means that businesses can now purchase the phone systems at virtually no risk, providing them the opportunity to try out the phones and adapt them to their unique business needs with confidence. And for customers big on style, Telco Depot is now offering a choice of 2 Xblue X16 phone systems as part of its new deal on the X16 phone system which can be securely purchased directly from the website at

The X16 is a premium digital key telephone system which is extremely easy to install and program, and for which no additional training is required - once you are comfortable with key telephone systems, you will be at home with the X16. The X16 is ideal for businesses with between 2 and 16 users, and can be obtained for the price of a basic 2-line phone while providing extended capabilities including support for 4 analog lines out of the box, and 6 analog lines with optional 2-line extension card. Also enjoy up to 16 (sixteen) X16 digital key phones connected on the station side. The digital key phone system provides up to 8 Busy Lamp Field (BLF) / Direct Station Selection (DSS) buttons for one-touch dialing to other users and a lit-lamp that lets you know the user is on the phone.

Other benefits of the X16 business phone system include an easy cabling plan; simply use home run wiring like a conventional key system or run a wire from one station to another to connect up to 4 stations on a single cable run (ideal for home connections). The X16 is also available in 4 colors including Charcoal Black, Titanium Silver, Mahogany Red and Vivid Blue.

Some advanced business phone functions and features that set the X16 apart from your conventional key telephone system are: Backlit LCD Speakerphone, Call Waiting Caller ID, Navigation Keys, External Call Forwarding, Live Call Recording, Outgoing Call Log, Personal Phone Book, Voicemail, Personalized Feature Buttons, One Touch Intercom Dialing and Speed Dialing, among others.

Quoting a Company spokesperson about the new offer;
"The X16 is an incredibly popular phone system, especially with small businesses; they love it because of its low cost profile, scalable business phone features and ease of installation and use. We are simply providing greater incentives to encourage more and more businesses to switch from old key telephone systems to this simply amazing phone system, which is similar to a typical key phone system but provides advanced features, new capabilities and many advantages for small businesses."

It is clear that the X16 from provides a suitable upgrade for small businesses looking to retire their old key telephone systems - and with the new offer from Telco Depot, they have even more reasons to consider switching to the highly capable and low cost Xblue X16 business phone system. Small businesses wishing to take advantage of the Telco Depot offer stand to benefit immensely from the free programming service and 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

For more information on the Xblue X16 or the new Telco Depot X16 offer, interested buyers can visit Telco Depot at or call 1 800 390 1200.

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Telco Depot is a leading supplier of quality business telephone systems, business VoIP service, VoIP phone system equipment, phone headsets, video surveillance systems, cabling solutions, conferencing system phones, phone headsets, and Microsoft Response Point Systems. The company’s top priority is to help its clients make informed decisions based on their specific small business phone system needs by providing experience and expertise and guiding them in selecting the best phone systems for their businesses. Telco Depot ensures that their phone systems are fully scalable , affordable priced, and provide the highest value for their clients.


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