Leading Athlete Cites Paleo Diet as Key to High Performance On and Off the Course

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Greg Parham was back competing in 24-hour race events just eight weeks after a career threatening car accident. He didn’t gain a pound and lost no muscle definition. In a fascinating interview, Paleo Cookbook author, Nikki Young, delves deep into the life of this highly successful off-road triathlete, who cites the paleo diet and living like a caveman as the ultimate key to his ongoing success, both on and off the course.

Off-road triathlete champion, Greg Parham, has dominated the Xterra circuit for a number of years, having won both the premier 12 and 24-hour events in Texas 2009 and 2010, and two 24-hour races last fall. In a compelling interview, Greg cites the paleo diet as the major contributor in his physiological recovery, body mass maintenance, and huge success in life, both on and off the race course.

Paleo Cookbook author, Nikki Young - whose paleo cookbooks have become a staple feature of every paleo chef’s kitchen - hosts the insightful dialogue, which will be of great interest to athletes, aspiring chefs, healthy eaters, and all those seeking to connect with their inner caveman.

Greg Parham tells of his potentially life threatening car accident, and having walked away from the 30 mph collision with nothing more than a dislocated shoulder, he explains, “Many tout the healing powers of the Paleo Diet, and I’d have to say it is true. Not only was my body spared significant damage after hitting a car at 30 mph (nothing was broken, other than the dislocation), but I feel like the diet has helped keep me upbeat and supplied critical nutrients needed to heal.”

Back racing after just eight weeks, Greg explains that he has maintained his muscle mass and not put on a single extra pound during his recovery period. This, says Nikki Young, is a trait of paleo living that an increasing number of people are discovering, “By feeding the body a natural diet, you allow the body to operate at optimum performance, and this means being able to sustain a healthy body weight, recover faster from injury, and avoid common life hindering ailments and illnesses.”

When asked if he thinks his competitors are being held back by not following a paleo diet, Greg simply answers, “I know for a fact some of them are, because they tell me. They say they feel terrible because of all the processed foods they eat, but that they can’t seem to kick the high-carb habit and wish they could eat more like me.”

This statement significantly points to the highly addictive nature of the modern day diet, which has been shaped by the agricultural revolution and the high processing of foods alien to the human digestive system.

Greg, an architect by trade, a realtor, and successful blogger, has no doubt that paleo living has contributed to his life success since taking up cycling back in university. He says his energy levels are higher, he sleeps better, he worries less, and he is an all round happier person. Greg explains that the more he aligns with his inner caveman, the less he needs and the less he becomes involved in the trivial aspects of life, “I find that the more I continue down the path of living like a caveman, the I happier I become with the less I have. I’m always trying to get rid of stuff around the house I don’t use anymore. When I feel a little stressed, I walk outside wearing only a pair of shorts and soak up some sun and fresh air for a few minutes.”

To read more of this fascinating interview, and to find out how Greg achieves such extraordinary fitness and success following the paleo diet, visit: http://www.paleocookbook.com/greg-parham.html


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