Bio Clip CUFF the World’s First at Home Arterial Stiffness Test Fights Against America’s Number One Killer

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Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the western world, we all know that lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise could improve our chances of not developing cardiovascular disease. The problem is heart disease creeps up on us, for many the first indication that they have a problem is when they actually have the heart attack. Not so anymore with the advent of a new at home arterial stiffness monitor called Bio Clip CUFF.

for many the first indication that they have a problem is when they actually have the heart attack

Experts have identified key markers which can be used to predict a person’s likelihood of developing heart disease such as high levels of bad cholesterol. The noted cardiologist Dr Kenneth Kinsey wrote in his seminal book ‘The Blood Thinner Cure’ that the stiffness or hardness of a person’s arteries was a key marker in determining whether they were likely to develop a cardiovascular condition or not.

The good news is that this particular marker can be calculated by a scientifically accepted measurement called pulse wave velocity, the bad news is that up until now the machine to conduct these tests cost tens of thousands of dollars and were only available in some clinics and hospitals.

Fortunately technological breakthroughs mean that for the first time equipment using the same algorithms has been developed for the home of the ordinary man in the street, for a fraction of the price. Bio Clip CUFF resembles a standard blood pressure monitor cuff and even gives those measurements as well as providing a simple to understand indication of your vascular health.

The great thing about this type of at home testing system is that it provides a bench mark and when a person makes those necessary changes to his or her lifestyle, they can monitor the effect of those changes on the health of their arteries. Systems like the Bio Clip CUFF empower people to start to take control of their cardiovascular health.


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