Eye For Energy: 20 Leading Geothermal Industry Decision Makers to Meet on June 29th-30th, San Jose to Discuss Future for Enhanced Geothermal Systems

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Companies leading the way for EGS including AltaRock, Geodynamics, GreenFire Energy, GNS Science and Google will be meeting at the 2nd Annual Enhanced Geothermal Systems Conference in San Jose, California, to discuss ways of pushing their projects forward and meeting geothermal contractors to discuss the commercial opportunities available in this rapidly developing industry.

In the build up to the meeting we will be interviewing industry leaders to get their thoughts on EGS and why they believe the geothermal companies should be attending this two day business critical event.

We start with a very well-known figure in the geothermal industry who will be speaking at the event – Subir Sanyal, President of GeothermEx – a world leading geothermal consultancy……..

What are the main challenges facing EGS developers at present?

Last March, the “Blue Ribbon” Panel of the U.S. DOE concluded, at my instigation as the chairman, that the basic challenges to EGS at present is to provide convincing demonstrations that this technology is technically feasible. The main unproven technical issues are that:

  •     wells can have commercially acceptable productivity or injectivity;
  •     fracture distribution can be controlled;
  •     cooling of the produced fluid would not be too fast;
  •     water loss from injection can be minimized; and
  •     the public can be reassured that induced seismicity risk would be acceptable.

Can you describe the role GeothermEx Inc plays in the geothermal industry?

We are the oldest consulting company in this industry and been around since 1973. We have worked in every geothermal project in the U.S. and many more in some 57 countries. We have been involved in some 7,000 MW of development out of about 10,000 MW worldwide to date.

What work are you currently involved in specifically related to EGS?

Two field demonstration projects and are technical/economic assessment project funded by the U.S. DOE.

How do you think EGS can alter conventional geothermal development?

If controlled fracturing of large volumes of subsurface rock can be made practical and economic, it will help expand the existing conventional geothermal reservoirs.

What needs to be in place to make EGS a commercially viable project?

Proof of both technical and economic feasibility of the EGS technology.

What role can the geothermal supply chain play in ensuring the efficient and successful development of EGS projects?

Once the technical and economic feasibility are demonstrated, the existing supply chain (for conventional geothermal projects) can readily play the valuable role that it already plays in our industry.

You are speaking at the 2nd Annual EGS Conference which is taking place this June in San Jose. Who would you recommend attend this conference and what benefit do you think this will have for the wider geothermal community?

Anybody interested in the future of EGS or engaged in EGS R&D projects funded by the U.S. DOE. Understanding the challenges facing EGS and how to solve them will lead to improving many aspects of the conventional geothermal technology.

To find out more about the 2nd Annual Enhanced Geothermal Systems click here to download the brochure which will provide you with the latest EGS business intelligence, agenda and your exclusive discount code


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