'Blood of Patriots' Set To Change Political Landscape

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Where is the country our Founding Fathers established, a new country free from government intrusion in every aspect of our lives? 'Blood of Patriots,' the new release by William Lewis Films, delves into the debates and thoughts of those who forged this nation. With the help of our Founding Fathers and the Bill of Rights, the film paints a clear picture of the rights we, the population of the United States, should hold dear and expect…'Blood of Patriots' is preparing to change how people think of politics and their freedoms.

you can see the pattern of sabotage brought on by our own representatives; the very people we are supposed to trust

We are in a fight for our lives and the alarms have been sounded. "Blood of Patriots," the much-anticipated new film being released by William Lewis Films, delves into the thoughts of our Forefathers as they passionately debated the necessity for an enumeration of individual rights. The film focuses on the history and significance of the Bill of Rights, the importance of the Articles of Power from our beloved Constitution, and emphasizes how understanding these cherished parts of our history is vital to the survival of our freedom and the powerful roll these rights play in the present and future liberty of every person living in the United States.    

This film covers topics like:

·    The Federal choke-hold on the freedom of church’s to speak out politically

·    The National Debt and Future Generations

·    The Presidential Advance Manual’s tormenting of protestors

·    Do more guns equal more crime?

·    “Right to Privacy” and its relevance

·    Significance of rights to fair court proceedings

·    Federalist James Madison’s shift in favor of a bill of rights

·    Recent 10th Amendment Power Grabs by the federal government

…and so much more. Landmark Supreme Court cases and legislation, some passed shortly after the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified, and more, support the belief that our country has been descending into despotic times for quite some time.

"Blood of Patriots," the much-anticipated new film from William Lewis and Gary Franchi, officially hits the market today. The film is the tenth politically charged documentary, including "Beyond Treason," "Washington, You’re Fired," "Don’t Tread On Me" and "Camp FEMA," by award-winning independent filmmaker William Lewis.

Lewis commented on his choice of subjects, “Unfortunately, there is no shortage of information out there to be exposed. With several of the most recent court decisions, from Indiana state allowing police to your home at their own discretion, with no warrant, to the Supreme Court’s decision to allow law enforcement entry into your home, simply on suspicion of wrong-doing, with no warrant, to the recent extension of key PATRIOT Act provisions, just to name a few, we have got to make people aware of why this country was founded and why it is so important to get back to that vision of freedom.”    

Written by Debbie Lewis, the new film is inundated with quotes from our founding generation and covers each of the Bill of Rights, what they mean for the population and what the very people sworn to protect them have done to subvert them. “Taking a look at specific pieces of recent legislation, as well as some key past legislation, you can see the pattern of sabotage brought on by our own representatives; the very people we are supposed to trust,” says the film’s writer. She continues, “There is everything to gain by awaking the population to the destruction of our Founder’s dream of a people free of oppression and tyranny.”

Franchi, the film’s Associate Producer, stated, “There is so much going on these days, especially as our politicians run rough shod over our rights, that we feel the need to get back to our true roots. How did our Founding Fathers see this new land playing out? That is what we need to be considering going forward.”

Blood of Patriots officially hits the market June 1st, 2011. For more information about the film, and to view the trailer, visit http://www.BloodofPatriotsMovie.com


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