Netanyahu Planned to Offer Palestinians “Generous” Peace Settlement During U.S. Visit

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In an exclusive interview on The Costa Report with host Rebecca Costa, acclaimed lawyer and commentator, Alan Dershowitz, revealed that the purpose for Netanyahu’s visit to the United States was to offer a peace proposal to the Palestinians.

In an exclusive interview on The Costa Report, acclaimed lawyer and commentator, Alan Dershowitz, revealed that the purpose for Netanyahu’s visit to the United States was to offer a peace proposal to the Palestinians. Dershowitz told program host, Rebecca Costa:

“I’ve spoken with Prime Minister Netanyahu as recently as today, and I know his position. I know that he came to Washington hoping to offer the Palestinians a ‘very generous’ peace proposal to try to entice them back to the bargaining table. That was his goal. . . his prepared speech to the Congress was an offer of peace . . .The President (Obama) made that impossible by backing Netanyahu into a corner and making him spend virtually his whole time in the United States defending Israel’s bargaining position. And so it was the President who pushed Netanyahu into making a fairly tough, aggressive - and brilliant - speech in front of Congress, when he intended, in fact, to offer an olive branch.”

President Obama’s remarks - which suggested that Israel should return to the 1967 borders prior to the Six Day War and Security Council Resolution 242 - designed to protect territories such as the Western Wall and road to Hebrew University - prompted public outcry when the President failed to mention concessions the Palestinians must make. According to Dershowitz,

“Jordan won those (lands) in a war, illegally, in 1948, when it rebuffed the United Nations and attacked Israel, and then attacked Israel once again in 1967. What the President is doing is rewarding attacks on Israel – rewarding terrorism – and punishing law abiding conduct. . . Israel has but one card to play in the negotiations, namely the land that it lawfully occupied after winning a defensive war in 1967. And Israel should not be asked to give up its negotiating card without the Palestinians agreeing that there will be no ‘right of return’ – which would bring 4 million so-called refugees into Israel and turn it into another Muslim-Palestinian state.”

When asked about Palestinian reaction to President Obama’s speech, Dershowitz was quick to point to the awkward position Palestinian leaders now also face:

“If the President doesn’t demand any concessions from them (the Palestinians), then why should they give concessions? The Palestinian leadership would be perceived as less Palestinian than the Palestinians. So the President’s speech – and comments afterwards – set back the prospects for any negotiated peace considerably.”

Despite the set back, Dershowitz believes a peace settlement remains in the interest of both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples. He summed the opportunity in the following way:

“Why would any right-thinking Palestinian want to come to Israel when he could help build a Palestinian state – help build a Palestinian economy – help a great nation come forward? Every Palestinian should want to go to Palestine. Israel has said that “family reunification” (the right of return) would be permitted within reasonable numbers. But reunification can happen TWO ways: Families could reunite in Palestine, or they could reunite in Israel. In fact, if Palestine is established as a state – and it becomes a viable democratic state – probably many Arabs who now live in Israel may very well decide to move to Palestine and help build a Palestinian state, just as many Jews decided to move to Israel from Arab countries.”

The full interview with the Alan Dershowitz is available at, iTunes and

About Alan Dershowitz:
Alan Dershowitz has been called the “nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer” and one of the “most distinguished defenders of individual rights.” At the age of 28, Dershowitz became the youngest full professor at Harvard Law School where he currently serves as the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law. He has authored over 27 books, 100 articles for magazines and journals such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, and over 300 articles have been syndicated in 50 daily newspapers. Dershowitz has been the recipient of the William O. Douglas First Amendment Award, Soviet Jewry Freedom Award, honorary doctorate degrees from many internationally acclaimed universities and was honored by the New York Criminal Bar Association for his “outstanding contribution as a scholar and dedicated defender of human rights.” Dershowitz is also a popular television commentator and public speaker.

About Rebecca D. Costa:
Rebecca Costa is a sociobiologist who offers a genetic explanation for current events, emerging trends and individual behavior. A thought-leader and provocative new voice in the mold of Thomas Friedman, Malcolm Gladwell and Jared Diamond, Costa examines “the big picture”– tracing everything from terrorism, crime on Wall Street, epidemic obesity and upheaval in the Middle East to evolutionary forces. Retiring at the zenith of her executive career in Silicon Valley, Costa spent six years researching and writing The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our Way Out of Extinction. The success of Costa’s book led to a weekly radio program in 2010 called The Costa Report. A former CEO and founder of one of the largest marketing firms in Silicon Valley (sold in 1997 to J. Walter Thompson), Costa developed an extensive track record of introducing new technologies. Her clients included industry giants such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Oracle Corporation, Seibel Systems, 3M, Amdahl, and General Electric Corporation.


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