Six Little Books Full of Fun Provide Teachers with Exciting Activities to Help Children Develop New Skills

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Gryphon House releases a new series packed with engrossing, engaging activities designed to help children build basic developmental skills.

Six little books full of big fun, exciting activities, and endless possibilities have made their way onto shelves thanks to Gryphon House. The new 30 Fun Ways series teaches children ages 3 to 6 through engrossing and engaging activities designed to develop the basic skills that act as stepping stones to future learning. Each book features 30 fun activities using easy-to-find materials and real-world scenarios that will not only get children playing, but also help them develop and build upon essential skills like counting, reading, writing, and much more!

Boys and girls alike love to build and imagine! The activities in 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Blocks and Boxes (ISBN: 978-0-87659-369-1, 80 pages, $12.95) bring a world of creative fun into the classroom in exciting new ways. From building basic models and mazes to constructing complex stairs and bridges, these activities will ignite children’s imaginations and engage their creativity and critical thinking. In both small group and individual activities, children will explore construction, collaborative play, and basic math concepts with the endless possibilities blocks and boxes provide.

What child doesn’t like getting their hands dirty? 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Clay and Squishy Stuff (ISBN: 978-0-87659-363-9, 128 pages, $12.95) takes children on tactile adventures that build social and communication skills so beneficial, you won’t mind if their hands get a little sticky. From wet clay to paper pulp, sawdust to shaving cream, these open-ended activities will allow children’s imaginations to soar. Whether molding clay or making soap snow, children will love these hands-on projects, and teachers will love the joy and laughter that comes with learning through creativity.

Counting is the foundation for future math learning, but who said it couldn’t also be fun? 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Counting (ISBN: 978-0-87659-367-7, 80 pages, $12.95) does just that while providing teachers with engrossing learning games that make use of materials easily found in any early childhood classroom. Pairing and sorting objects, understanding numbers and quantity, and counting are all introduced through games and activities like counting beats of music, sorting like objects, counting backwards, and much more!

Music does more than teach children to sing or play an instrument. The music and movement activities in 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Music (ISBN: 978-0-87659-368-4, 80 pages, $12.95) help children’s development in many areas, such as literacy, math, physical fitness, and coordination. These activities also help develop concentration, build confidence, and stimulate creative and social development. Children will dance and sing as they discover melody and rhythm, both with instruments and their own bodies, while also expressing themselves actively, freely, and creatively.

Time and money are challenging, abstract concepts with concrete everyday importance. This makes them essential for children to master early on. Using role-playing, games, songs, and dramatic play, 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Time and Money (ISBN: 978-0-87659-370-7, 80 pages, $12.95) explores these difficult concepts by engaging children’s curiosity, developing understanding, and nurturing their imaginations!

Young children learn through observing, imitating, and playing. This is also true as children begin to acquire writing skills. Fluency in writing is a complex skill and young children need plenty of exposure to written language. 30 Fun Ways to Learn About Writing (ISBN: 978-0-87659-366-0, 80 pages, $12.95) provides activities that do exactly that! Whether labeling objects, making lists, or writing notes, children will remain engaged and active participants in activities that stimulate curiosity and imagination by bringing literacy learning into the classroom in exciting new ways.

The 30 Fun Ways series will be available June 2011 from Gryphon House.

Gryphon House is an award-winning publisher of resource books for parents and teachers of children from birth through age eight. Developmentally appropriate and easy-to-use, Gryphon House books provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to bring the joy of learning to young children.


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