Weight Loss Transformation and Fabulous Fit Mother Over 40 Laura London Motivates Millions of Other Moms with Innovative Fitness Company and Products

Laura London burst onto the fitness scene a little more than a year ago and has been on fire ever since. This spicy and super sexy 5’ 2” 45 year old wife of 20 years and mother of three shows us that age has no barrier on fitness. What Laura has accomplished in the past year is just short of amazing.

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(PRWEB) June 06, 2011

Laura London burst onto the fitness scene a little more than a year ago and has been on fire ever since. This spicy and super sexy 5’ 2” 45 year old wife of 20 years and mother of three shows us that age has no barrier on fitness. What Laura has accomplished in the past year is just short of amazing.

Laura went from an out of shape, stay at home mom to a national level figure competitor, internationally published fitness model, has been cast in infomercials, movie trailers and exercise DVD’s. She has started her own fitness web site http://www.LauraLondonFitness.com and was also voted “2010 Over 40 Transformation of the Year” by BodyBuilding.com and that is just the beginning for this highly driven fitness role model, wife and mother.

We managed to book her for a rare and exclusive interview to find out all her secrets and tips on getting ripped, staying young forever and having amazing six pack abs in the fitness industry. Not only has Laura transformed her life, but now she is helping millions of other moms do the same.

Laura wasn't always in shape, and actually working out and even being physically fit was extremely shunned. Growing up Laura was not even allowed to play sports, because of the rare condition her brother suffered from. He is a hemophiliac so sports were something that was not done in her family. She had to learn from scratch what is was like living a physically active and fit lifestyle after becoming a mom of three in her late thirties. It was not until her mid thirties and three kids later that she decided to take charge of her life and the direction of her health.

Laura lost over 20 lbs all by making simple yet powerful lifestyle changes, such as making the time to exercise, setting goals and staying motivated. Her new found fitness fire propelled Laura to become a nationally certified personal trainer with the NSCA, the only personal training certification to be accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. She is also one of the first Master Certified JNL Fusion trainers in the world. But that was not the end, she went on to become an award winning national level figure competitor and fitness icon. Laura is a fitness role model for women in there 40’s, showing that with passion and determination there are no excuses. You can “Exercise Your Right to be Sexy” at any age.

This CEO and President of LauraLondonFitness.com is living a life she never even dreamed possible. Look for her rock hard body in the June 2011 issue of Planet Muscle magazine. This will be Laura’s 4th time in this international publication, in her 40’s; again showing age has no limits on fitness. Another huge accomplishment was being chosen to represent the JNL Team Rogiani Fitness line. Elisabetta Rogiani is the premier designer of fitness wear in the industry.

Recently, Laura had the most rewarding experiences of her fitness career. She and a select group of carefully picked fitness celebrities flew to the west coast for the multimillion dollar JNL FUSION Extreme at Home Exercise DVD collection. Laura's super fit and fierce physique has now been captured on film, as she is one of the principle athletes featured in this revolutionary exercise DVD collection. Laura is so charismatic, and her story so compelling, the JNL Production company even invited her to share her from fat to fine weight loss success story on the major part of the internationally broadcasted infomercial.

Life has been a whirlwind of non-stop photo shoots, pod casts, interviews and of course juggling family life. Laura is amazing and gets it all done and then some. To celebrate her 45th birthday Laura wanted to celebrate BIG, and that is what she did with an ultra sexy body painting photo shoot at Miami’s new hot spot for up and coming fitness stars, the Fitness Model Factory. You can see the video footage on her YouTube channel LauraLondon100, but we warn you it is smoking hot. Look for her downloadable fitness e book coming soon as well as many new projects in the works.

When we asked Laura London what it was like to be a game changer in the fitness industry, she replied "it is an honor to be representing fit women in their 40’s. We have given so much of ourselves and our time to family and friends, it is time for us to start taking care of ourselves. I am here to motivate women to take charge of their health and their lives, we can have a family and at the same time be fit, sexy and 40. I believe there is nothing sexier than a strong confident and happy woman no matter what her age."

You can catch up with Laura on her many social sites and find out what she is doing next. She is also available for coaching and consulting. We know you are going to be inspired by Laura, visit her web site, download her free health report, get on her fitness newsletter and shop her store for your ”Exercise Your Right to be Sexy” tank tops, fitness calendar, photos and healthy recipe CD all available at LauraLondonFitness.com

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