Rottenstein Law Group Recommends Continued Vigilance Notwithstanding Downplay of Fosamax Risks

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The Rottenstein Law Group, which represents clients with claims stemming from the rare severe side effects of the drug Fosamax, urges those who have taken Fosamax to consult doctors to determine whether they are at risk for femur fractures, even in light of recent suggestions that the risks to patients are less than previously thought.

Fosamax Femur Fracture

According to a post on the Web site of the American Council on Science and Health on June 1: “A new study should allay the fears of women who take osteoporosis drugs. The Swedish study, just published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that the class of drugs known as bisphosphonates (including Fosamax, Boniva, Actonel, Atelvia, and Reclast) caused only one atypical femoral fracture for every 2,000 people who used them in a year. While the risk of such fractures is indeed increased, to put the increase in proper perspective, study co-author Per Aspenberg likens the risk to that of being struck by lightning: On a sunny day, he says, the risk of being hit by lightning is close to zero. On a rainy day, the risk might be 1,000 times higher, but it’s still very small.”

The ACSH post continues: “The study’s findings are especially promising because of the size of the patient cohort, which included every Swedish woman aged 55 and up who’d had a femur (thighbone or hip) fracture in 2008. Within this group, researchers identified 59 whose fractures were atypical, 46 of whom had taken bisphosphonates — out of a total of over 83,000 Swedish women who took the drugs that year. The fracture rate, then, was less than one in a thousand within that group. ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross was happy to hear about the study results. ‘These unusual complications are extremely rare compared to the benefits,’ he says. ‘Hip fractures in particular are all too common among older white women with osteoporosis, and the consequences are often debilitating, even life-threatening.’”

While the Rottenstein Law Group is always pleased to learn that the public is possibly at less risk than previously thought, the firm’s lawyers remain concerned that those who have suffered harm because of Fosamax or another bisphosphonate might fail to seek compensation to which they might be entitled. The Rottenstein Law Group therefore urges anyone whose friend or relative has been prescribed Fosamax or another osteoporosis drug to reach out to that person and recommend that he or she consult a physician immediately and then speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer. The Rottenstein Law Group maintains a Fosamax Fracture Lawsuit Information Center at The site has features that allow for easy sharing, including links for automatic posting on Facebook and Twitter, specifically to enable visitors to spread the word about the dangers of Fosamax.

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