This Year's Early Hot Wet Weather Brings Great Numbers Of Pest Insects, The Dustwand Answers With Safer Longer Lasting Protection Against Them

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Boric acid inside and diatomaceous earth outside, applied by the Dustwand, ensure freedom from bug infestations without harmful insecticidal vapors. People, pets and property are all better served for safety and longevity, by dry, powdered insecticides.

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Bugs Can't Hide From The Dustwand

Aerosol insecticides pose a threat to the health of all higher life forms wherever they are used. Insecticide vapors from spraying ants or roaches in the kitchen may kill the bird in the back bedroom or sicken family members. Soap suds or surface sprays function just as well at dispatching pest insects (such as ants or small roaches), without harming higher life forms. Many people are indoctrinated to spraying central nervous system poisons at crawling insects. They are unaware that aerosol bug sprays are toxic all through the life chain, from insects to pets and people. Many people (called chemosensitives) suffer severe allergic reactions following exposure to central nervous system poisons (bug sprays). Now there is a new and improved response to the problem. The new Dustwand deals with this problem and allows the user never before available coverage of the pests' harborage areas.

The Dustwand is a compact (about the size of a soda bottle) syringe bulb type duster operated with one hand, squeezing while it is pointed at a target surface. The Dustwand applies powdered insecticides onto the surfaces where bugs travel and hide, up, down, or horizontally, depending on the area that needs treatment. Boric acid is a good choice for treating the interior of any structure, from airplanes to storage sheds.

Apply it to the carpet to keep it free of cat and dog fleas. Boric acid has a hundred medical applications, from eyewash to hypodermic needle sterilant. Doctors recommend boric acid (available in pharmacies) to treat the fungus called pink eye. Outdoors, diatomaceous earth applied by the dustwand provides protection from crawling insects in the garden and elsewhere. Both of these products protect against insect pests for long periods of time, in some cases one treatment is all that will ever be necessary. Both are totally non-reactive, meaning they do not combine with other substances to deteriorate or lose insecticidal effectiveness over time. They both are of the lowest order of toxicity to people and pets.

The The Dustwand is patented* for its ability to dispense dust on any plane while providing positive particle separation to guarantee uniform coverage: no clumpy deposits or bare spots. The Dustwand perfoms a plethora of other duties. In a pinch, load it with baking soda to kill fires or crawling insects. The Dustwand is right at home wherever there are people. Please see it in action at

US Patent # RE37760


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