BeTranslated Invited to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Dryden Flight Research Center in California

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BeTranslated has been selected to attend two TWEETUP events at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California and Dryden Flight Research Center in Palmdale, California.

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by supporting the international space programs and related contractors through translation for technology and science, we can do our part to further the cause of all countries.

NASA will host a Tweetup for approximately 120 Twitter followers at JPL on Monday, June 6 and 20 Twitter followers at Dryden on Wednesday, June 8th. BeTranslated works in partnership with The Brady Group LLC, a Woman/Minority Owned Small Business based in Independence, Kentucky, USA. BeTranslated provides professional translation services for documents and websites. The translation network focuses on translations for businesses, translations for the real estate and manufacturing industries, with professional translators also specializing in technology and of course, aerospace & aeronautics.

We will be available for interviews by phone or by Skype throughout our trip and will be broadcasting info/answering questions about our trip on various social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. NASA will also be broadcasting LIVE from JPL on June 6th. We will also use this opportunity to tweet about some great international charities and help draw attention to the great work they do.


JUNE 5TH Departure from Cincinnati/NKY Airport CVG to Los Angeles LAX
JUNE 9TH    Return from LAX to CVG


With four space missions launching this year and an asteroid belt encounter nearly underway, 2011 will be one of the busiest ever in planetary exploration. Our BeTranslated Tweetup Team (@BETRANSLATED) will interact with JPL scientists and engineers about these upcoming missions: Aquarius, to study ocean salinity; Grail, to study the moon's gravity field; Juno to Jupiter; and the Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity rover. Participants also will learn about the Dawn mission and its upcoming encounter with the asteroid Vesta. The Tweetup will include a tour of JPL, robotics demonstrations and a last chance to see the Curiosity rover before it ships to Florida to prepare for a November launch. Tour stops will include the Spacecraft Assembly Facility where Curiosity is under construction, the mission control center of NASA's Deep Space Network, and JPL's new Earth Science Visitor Center.

Tweetup participants also will mingle with fellow attendees and the staff behind the tweets on @NASA, @NASAJPL, @MarsRovers, @AsteroidWatch and more.


NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy 747SP (SOFIA) is an aircraft equipped with a German-built infrared astronomy telescope which is used when fuselage opening is fully open.

SOFIA is a highly modified Boeing 747SP aircraft fitted with a 100-inch (2.5 meter) diameter telescope. It analyzes infrared light to study the formation of stars and planets; chemistry of interstellar gases; composition of comets, asteroids and planets; and supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies. Infrared observations are optimal for studying low-temperature objects in space such as the raw materials for star and planet formation and for seeing through interstellar dust clouds that block light at visible wavelengths.

NASA's international partners in developing and operating SOFIA, the German Aerospace Center DLR and the German SOFIA Institute DSI, will fly educators as well. The DLR and DSI plan to announce their first two ambassadors later this month. You can see why translation for aerospace and technology is important to the cooperation of various space programs and scientists around the world.

SOFIA is a joint program between NASA and DLR in Bonn, Germany. The SOFIA program is managed at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, Calif. The aircraft is based at the Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility in Palmdale, Calif. NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., manages the SOFIA science and mission operations in cooperation with the Universities Space Research Association in Columbia, Md., and DSI in Stuttgart, Germany. Tweetup participants also will mingle with fellow attendees and the staff behind the tweets on @NASADryden

BeTranslated is proud to be part of the international business community and will use this opportunity to promote technology, aerospace, NASA, and international cooperation. We here at BeTranslated feel that our translation agency provides a vital service to communities and international organizations around the world. We feel that by supporting the international space programs and related contractors through translation for technology and science, we can do our part to further the cause of all countries in this amazing field.

You can follow the event & interact with us via Facebook at:

NASA Television will broadcast portions of the Tweetup on June 6 and June 8th at:

For more information about SOFIA, visit:

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