Anti-Theft Software Similar to Snuko Anti-Theft Goes Viral as Joshua Kaufman's Story Hits the Headlines in Every Country All Over the World

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It's great news for anti-theft software products like Snuko Anti Theft as the latest successful recovery of a stolen device with anti-theft software installed goes globally viral.

Image & Desktop Captures

Image & Desktop Captures

The Joshua Kaufman story is the ideal testament to anti-theft software helping with the fight against crime and of course with recovering stolen items such as laptops or smartphones.

Just in case you didn’t happen to see the news over the last couple of weeks a quick recap of the story which appeared in virtually every newspaper in every country in the world is summarised below.

Joshua Kaufman lives in Oakland California and his apartment was burgled back in March 2011 during which his beloved Macbook was stolen. Luckily he had installed anti theft software similar to Snuko Anti-Theft and Data Recovery.

As soon as Joshua Kaufman realised that his laptop was missing he activated the anti-theft software which initiated some clever processes such as using the webcam to take photos of the unauthorised user and desktop screenshot captures.

Having already reported it to the police Joshua Kaufman set about using Social Media to help him recover his laptop and set up a blog on Tumblr entitled ‘this guy has my laptop’ where he posted a series of photos of the unauthorised user, now known to be Muthanna Aldebashi.

As a result of all the publicity from the blog and Twitter the police moved in and arrested Muthanna Aldebashi, a taxi driver from Oakland due to the evidence the anti-theft software from Hidden had collated.

Snuko UK Ltd has been developing anti-theft software since 2008 and now has comprehensive anti-theft products for PC / Laptops, Android Anti-Theft for phones and tablets, Blackberry Anti-Theft and has a MAC version currently in beta due for release in Q3 of 2011.

In addition Snuko has developed applications to help lockdown and recover stolen laptops and PC’s for iPhone and iPad as well as the Google Chrome browser.

Products like Hidden Anti-Theft offer an excellent way of potentially recovering a lost or stolen device. However, Snuko Anti-Theft & Data Recovery spent nearly two years researching and developing their software to ensure that they offer one of the most comprehensive solutions available today.

Like taking out insurance you have it but hope you never need to use it. The same applies to anti-theft software whereby you should have it installed on a device, just in case it is ever lost or stolen.

Importantly apart from the data backup process, the software will remain dormant until the account owner activates it. It is only after this activation that the tracking and image capture processes are initiated.

Looking at the laptop anti-theft product from Snuko it has the same capabilities as Hidden in terms of taking webcam images and desktop screenshots but with Snuko, even before you report a device lost or stolen the software will have backed up the documents folder and stored it remotely. It will continue to update this backup regularly so that important data is available remotely should a laptop no longer be accessible.

Once reported lost or stolen the software really gets to work and will start to encrypt the personal data on the machine to stop it being accessible by unauthorised users. In addition it will secretly take photos and desktop captures and send the data back to the account owner’s private dashboard so it can be viewed only by the device owner and then sent to the police to help build a profile of the user.

At the same time, WIFI auto connect will mean that it will secretly connect to the Internet at every opportunity and this information along with IP data will be used to triangulate the exact location of the device and display it on a Google map in the Snuko anti-theft account owners private dashboard. Again this procedure is only active one the device owner has logged in to their private dashboard and reported the device lost or stolen.

Finally once all data has been safely encrypted the unauthorised user will be locked out of the device so they can no longer access anything.

For a chance of the same successful recovery of a lost or stolen laptop as Joshua Kaufman had when Muthanna Aldebashi was caught with his device, Snuko Anti-Theft and Data Recovery will provide you with a more than fighting chance.

Snuko has developed their service to allow account holders to add multiple devices without the need to create an account for each one. This means that a laptop account holder can add an Android phone or a BlackBerry to their account quickly and easily.

With products covering Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry and Windows laptops and PC’s already available to download, Snuko is set to become a leader within the Anti-Theft software application arena.

Another huge plus point for Snuko is that they currently offer their mobile anti theft products for free as well as a free version of their laptop / pc product.

The Joshua Kaufman story is the ideal testament to anti-theft software helping with the fight against crime and of course with recovering stolen items such as laptops or smartphones.

Snuko PLC (Wiener Borse: SNU) is the holding company of Snuko UK Ltd, a London based security-and IT company, specialising in securing computer’s and mobile phones as well as crucial data from loss or theft. With operations in the US and Europe, Snuko is focusing on innovative security solutions that protect against loss and theft of internet enabled devices and data.


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