Transverse May 2011 Release of TRACT Brings Many Enhancements

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Transverse has added actionable business intelligence and other improvements geared to help companies improve revenues, lower operational costs, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Now more than ever, the ability to measure, communicate and promote products and services according to historical and real-time data will be critical to addressing customer desires and driving behaviors that directly impact the bottomline.

Transverse today announced several enhancements to its industry-leading billing and dynamic revenue management solution TRACT—the industry’s only comprehensive, real-time subscription and usage-based rating and billing solution in a SaaS model. Through a new interactive revenue- and subscription-focused Analytics Dashboard, TRACT users can now analyze historical and real-time data to reveal marketable opportunities, as well as potential problems before they impact customers.

For those tasked with managing customer life cycles and retaining customers, this will mean the ability to conduct churn-trend and subscription-development analysis—both critical to identifying customers susceptible to churn, as well as customers willing to upgrade or expand the products and services to which they subscribe.

“Now more than ever, the ability to measure, communicate and promote products and services according to historical and real-time data will be critical to addressing customer desires and driving behaviors that directly impact the bottomline,” said Brian Razzaque, CEO of SocialToaster, a SaaS-based social marketing platform that will use TRACT to define and manage its complex revenue streams, and to facilitate recurring billing for its customers. “For businesses competing in subscription economies, real-time decision making embedded in a SaaS billing solution means they can focus on core competencies critical to competing, without any need to invest in IT architecture or billing and rating solutions,” said Razzaque, referring to TRACT’s SaaS cloud-based approach to real-time subscription and usage-based rating and billing.

With TRACT’S Analytics Dashboard, users see easy-to-understand views of top-level revenue data, with information broken out by category and ARPU—as well as MRR information useful to managing products and services, and the transfer of MRR to customers.

“By offering this sophisticated, interactive dashboard to each TRACT customer, we afford them the chance to conduct on-the-fly changes to products and services, as well as create the type of flexibility they need to react to customer and market trends. That will be critical for speed to market and differentiation against competitors,” said Stephan Pahlke, vice president, product solutions at Transverse. “

Other enhancements in the May 2011 release of TRACT™ include:

An enhanced UI for Usage Record Collection: A new UI allows for a simplified bulk collection of usage records. Using a spreadsheet (csv) in addition to the standard API for usage processing in TRACT, users can now upload multiple sets of usage records in much less time. This means TRACT customers can load one or many files—each of which will be processed—according to defined price plans, with results reflected immediately in the system.

"Usage-based subscriptions are getting more and more important to differentiate offerings, as they make products even more attractive to a wider range of customers,” said Transverse’s Pahlke, noting that one of TRACT’s key strengths is its ability to meter, charge, rate and bill for a wide range of usage scenarios—from simple event counting to highly complex, telecom-like pricing plans. Now, with the ability to upload usage records via spreadsheets, TRACT users can achieve simpler processing of enormous numbers of complex usage records without having to integrate a collection system with the TRACT API,” added Pahlke.

Roll-over Allowances: Many usage-based products include a certain amount of usage allowance (e.g. downloads per day, month or year). But questions about what happens with unused allowances often go unanswered. For this reason, products with usage allowances (rules with limits) can now be configured to roll-over any allowance that has not been used by the subscriber into the next service period. The choice to "use it or lose it" or "accumulate unused amounts" is now up to the TRACT user.

Custom Email Templates: TRACT now has a flexible framework for email templates, which gives customers a tool to define and fully customize the templates and content of email notifications for subscribers. The framework supports multiple business processes, such as sign-up, invoice distribution and payments. Free text can be combined with context-sensitive TRACT parameters, such as order number and prices. The framework's versioning system keeps track of history so previous versions can be reused as well.

Customer-defined Access Roles: In order to provide even more flexibility for customer operations teams, TRACT now provides the ability to define custom user access roles. For larger organizations separating roles such as sales, customer care, operations or supervisory, this is an important requirement for compliance, governance and scale. Examples of what a user can do with customer-defined access roles include the capability to define authority limits for adjustments and price overwrites, access to system functions such as adjustments, billing, usage processing, price plan or notification template definition, as well as account maintenance like address changes and product upgrades.

About Transverse®

TRACT™ is powered by Transverse, an innovator in online billing solutions. Transverse is the maker of Business Logic Execution Environment Platform, or blee(p), an advanced SOA and web services billing solution, which has revolutionized the complex world of international telecom billing. Transverse has won numerous awards for its innovation in billing, including Gartner's coveted "Cool Vendor" award, being named to the FierceWireless “Fierce 15”, as a top telecom technology company and the TMC Labs Innovation Award from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine for the CRM component of blee(p). Having sharpened their metaphorical teeth on the most complicated of billing problems, Transverse has the depth of knowledge and capacity to handle any billing need.

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