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Share Article, a blog focusing on children and family, recently published new posts on a wide range of topics: horseradish preparation, pest control on a farm, and the special gifts of a family member with Down’s Syndrome., a blog offering personal reflections and anecdotes about parenthood and family life, has just published several new posts. These include “Horseradish,” “My Favorite Sister,” and “A Mouse In Your Pants.”

Horseradish” celebrates the divisive uniqueness of the bitter condiment by offering a step-by-step method of preparing the root for consumption. claims this as an old family recipe, and attests that it results in the best-tasting horseradish dip around. Children can easily help to prepare this recipe; however, they should be cautioned not to breathe the scent of the horseradish too deeply while it is being ground, as it can be overwhelmingly strong.

In “My Favorite Sister,” the creator of shares a personal history of growing up with a younger sister who had been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. The family was told early on that this child would likely not be able to function as other children do, and would struggle with even the basic mechanics of walking and talking. As this story shows, that assessment proved to be false. Instead of a tragedy, the article is a grateful and loving portrait of the girl who, despite the obstacles placed in her way, became the “family rock” through her unrestrained affection and her surprising gifts. covers more lighthearted territory with the farm-life anecdote “A Mouse In Your Pants.” The article briefly recounts the author’s childhood memory of participating in a particularly rugged extermination ritual—stepping on mice as they raced out from underneath the bales of hay that were being hefted off the wagons. This leads to the story of how one of the author’s brothers was temporarily foiled in his mouse-catching efforts when one of them avoided his boot long enough to crawl up his pant leg. The writer muses that, although her younger self was game, she might not be able to stomach this method of pest control today.

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